‘Gamble Games’ For Slot Machines, What Are They?

Many different slot games are going to be offering you bonus games and bonus features either at random or once you have spun in certain reel symbols in a certain way. However, if you opt to play one of the many different types of slots on which a gamble game feature if on offer, then that feature will be available to you every type a winning combination is spun in.

Online Slots: Gamble FeatureMany slots offer a rather boring and unimaginative type of gamble game, and one you will find attached to many slot games is one that will see you having the chance of gambling the exact value of any spun in winning combinations value via a playing card based guessing game.

What you will be tasked with doing when you have chosen to take the optional gamble game is guessing whether a playing card is going to be a red one or a black one like in Avalon by Micrograming, if you make the correct guess your base game spun in winning payout is doubled, and you will be given the option of taking the gamble game another time or collecting your winnings.

Another option available on this type of slot game gamble game is to try and correctly guess what suit the next playing card dealt out will be, a correct guess will quadruple your base game winning payout, but an incorrect guess will of course se you losing those winnings!

If you do fancy playing a slot which offers a much more entertaining and configurable type of gamble game option rather that the more standard playing card guessing game one, read on for we have a range of new gamble game feature you will find being offered to you on a range of recently launched slot games.

How to Play Slots with Gamble Games

Slots which give you the option of taking a gamble game are going to be readily available to you at any of our approved and fully reviewed online and mobile casino sites, and for you to get the best idea of just what type of slot games to play please watch the following video to see a real slot being played which we think you are going to love playing.

Playtech are the company who have deigned and released this gamble game offering slot and as such you are going to find plenty of casino sites with that slot on offer and you are also going to find plenty of bonus offers available if you sign up to any casino we have listed offering that slot game, so make sure you sign up to one of them and give this slot a whirl as it is one of the best ones available!

New Types of Slot Gamble Games

Let us now give you an overview of some of the much more entertaining and possibly more exciting slot game gamble game options some of the more recently launched slot games have attached to them

Gamble game awarding slots are going to be found in many online casino sites, and as such you will always have plenty of different types of those slot games available to you. Some of the very best Gamble game awarding slot games you can play online are those that have been designed by Quickspin and some of our top rated featured casino sites have their range of games on offer, so have a look round and give those slot games a much play time as you can do!

Configurable Gamble – There is a unique type of wheel spinning bonus gamble game which is attached to Microgaming’s Untamed Series of slots on which you are going to be able to choose just how much of your winnings from a base game spin you risk and also the payout odds of that gamble game.

That completely optional gamble game is known as the Your Gamble option so do check it out, for it will give you the most choice in regards to the level of risk you have in place during the gamble game.

Coin Toss – You will have to guess whether a coin after it has been tossed and has landed on the ground, or in the hand of an onscreen animated character is going to have its head or tails side of the coin facing upwards when playing a gamble game option on which a coin toss is used to determine the outcome of the gamble.

Obviously being a random game you will have just as much chance of winning no matter whether you pick Heads or Tails, but with some luck in playing off that gamble game you could turn a very low winning payout into a much higher valued one with a series of winning outcomes!

Dice Roll – Another relatively straight forward to play off gamble game you may find on offer on a range of different slot games is one on which two or more dice are used to determine the outcome of the gamble game.

When you do opt to play off such a gamble game you will be given the option of picking either odd or even and then once the dice has been rolled you will hope the up facing sides of the dice, when added together, are either odd or even base don which option you selected

Coin in Hand – One gamble game we did have plenty of fun playing off was one on which an onscreen character will place a coin in one of his hands, and the way in which you will double the amount of cash you gamble via this gamble game option is doubled is by you guessing the hand that has the coin in it!

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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