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Our FAQ is focussed on offering answers to the most common questions and by reading our extensive FAQ, you’ll learn all there is to know about slot machines, their bonuses, which are best to play, and you could pick up some tips that could come in handy when you chase down progressive jackpots. Our answers get right to the pint and succinct, so you can get all the information you need effortlessly.

With our FAQ you can discover how to best select slots based on how they work and once you understand all the terminology and what the function is of each bonus feature, including wilds, free spins and scatters you’ll know which slots appeal most to you. Your choices could be quite different once you know what payout rates, RNGs and low, medium and high volatility is all about. With the explanation about which progressive jackpot pays the most or how to optimize your winning chances via the right choice, we hope to add to your success once you start your spinning adventure.

Finally, you’ll find out which of the slot theories work and which belongs to the myths section, you can put all those beliefs shared online to rest as you’ll be better equipped to make your own decisions with the information provided via answers. If you wonder if there really are cheats that work, we even answer that and other questions that might have not crossed your mind yet.

The number of questions regarding slot machines is only limited by the number of online and land-based gamblers who prefer slots, we did our best to answer all the most important question but might extend our page in future so let us know if you have other unanswered questions. Knowledge is power, and we would like to share our knowledge about the most popular form of entertainment with you. We wish you good luck and great success in every spin!

If you are a first time slot player irrespective of whether you decide to play slot machines online, at a mobile casino site or even in a land based casino venue, there are bound to be a lot of questions you may be seeking the answers to about doing so.

Even if you are a regular slot player there may be lots of questions you may have about some of the newer features and playing structures attached to some of the more recently launched slot games and slot machines.

With that in mind we have put together the following guide that is going to enlighten you as to how you can play slot games online and it will also list all of the most frequently asked questions from slot players and will also answer each of those questions for you too.

How to play off free spins bonus games

If you trigger a set of free spins when playing a slot game then the stake levels and the number of pay lines you have in play on the base game spin that triggered the feature round will almost always be the ones in play during the bonus free spins round.

So all that you will need to do once any slot game does award its free spins bonus game is to sit back and watch as the slot games are playing off your free spins, and any winnings you achieve are possibly going to be boosted in value via a multiplier value too.

When playing off a free spins bonus round you may also get the chance of being awarded with additional free spins if you spin in any type of scatter or bonus symbols and enough of them as listed on the pay table of the slot you are playing have been spun in.

Do I have to play for real money?

One question we do get asked a lot, especially from online and mobile slot player is whether they are going to be forced to have to play slot games for real money online as soon as they have signed up to an online or a mobile casino site.

We have lots of different casinos showcased on this website and we are pleased to inform you that all of them will give you the option of playing their slot games for free or for real money once you have registered as a brand new player!

What is Auto Play?

Auto Play is one of the option settings that you are going to be able to configure a slot game with, and when you make use of the auto play setting you have the ability of setting any slot you are playing in such a way that the slot will play itself automatically.

You will be able to choose from a range of different built in auto play settings such as being able to choose the stake levels that the auto play option will be using, and also you can pick how many spins you wish to have played off for you.

Plus, you can configure the slots to stop playing at any time when your balance decreases or increases by a certain amount or even to stop when you have triggered a bonus game or any type of bonus round too, so lots of adjustable settings will be available to you when using auto play.

What are random jackpot slots?

You will have seen lots of different slot games on which one or more progressive jackpots can be won, however there are going to be quite a number of different ways that a slot game can and will award any and all progressive jackpots attached to it.

Take for example when you play random jackpot slots, those types of slot machines will award their respective progressive jackpots completely at random, either by paying them out at the end of any spin or by you first having to play off a randomly triggered bonus game.

These types of slots tend to be the most exciting to play as they come with several jackpots which are won very frequently, however some random jackpots can grow to huge amounts of cash.

Who has won the biggest online slot jackpot?

There are always massive sized slot game jackpots on offer at most online casino sites and when playing some of them you have the chance of winning a jackpot that could turn you into an instant millionaire, and those slots do get a lot of attention from players.

The biggest online slot jackpot was recently won by a man based in the UK, he won the biggest ever jackpot awarded by an online slot and his story made the headlines in many newspapers at the time.

How are slots certified as fair?

One thing you will possibly be wondering about if you are thinking of playing slot game online is whether they are going to be completely fair and random, as no slot player is ever going to want to play a slot that in anything less than 100% fair and random!

With that in mind there are several different companies and organisations that guarantee the fairness of slots, and as such when you are looking around for an online casino site at which to play at you should always ensure that the casino you are playing at has had their games all certified as being fair and random.

You will find that information is displayed on their respective website and if will usually link into the website of the company or organisations that audits those casinos games and slot machines to give you complete peace of mind you are playing fair games at all time.

When do new slot games get launched?

There are so many companies who now designed and supply online casino sites with not only their slot game but their other casino games too, that as a player you are going to be amazed at just how many new slot games get launched at different times of the year.

You will often find however that the major slot game designers will always announce new slot games are going to live well in advance of them being made available at various different casinos, so do checkout the very latest new stories from some of the major slot game and casino game designers as many of those slot slots will be very appealing to you as a player!

Do Online and Mobile Slots Pay the Same?

As you will often find the exact same slot games are available at both online and mobile casino sites you may be wondering whether the actual long term expected payout percentage of both of those two types of identical slot games are designed to return the same amounts of players’ stakes as winning payouts in both playing environments.

There are actually one or two minor differences in regards to the payout percentages of only a handful of online and mobile slots, and with that in mind we would always suggest that when you are about to play slot games either online or via a mobile device you first take a look over the website or the casino you are about to play at.

By doing so you will then be able to take a look at their entire list of available slot and other casino games and see for yourself on those websites what each slot game has been designed to return to players by their certified and verified payout percentages or RTP’s as they are known.

How quickly do online casinos pay their players?

There can be some huge time differences in regards to when you make a withdrawal from an online casino site account until the moment in time those winnings are in your hand and have been fully paid out to you!

Fortunately there are some very fast paying online and mobile casino sites that we have fully reviewed and fully showcased for you on our website and as such you are going to be much better off playing at our featured casino sites if you do want to get paid out all of your winning rapidly and get them paid out to you on time every time you cash out!

One thing to keep in mind however is it is usually the method of withdrawal that you use to get paid your winnings by that will determine just how long you have to wait. It could be preferable for you to sign up to a web wallet such as Neteller or Skrill as most casinos pay winning players their winnings back to web and e-wallets very quickly indeed sometimes in a matter of minutes after they request a withdrawal!

What are fixed payline slots?

When you play some slot machines online you will find that there is no ability on those slot games for you to alter or adjust the number of actual paylines that you want to have in play, and those types of slot games are known as fixed payline slots.

So when you do come across and even start to play a slot with fixed paylines then just keep in mind that whenever you send the reels of that slot spinning you will have every single payline attached to  the slot in live play.

You will however find that fixed payline slots give you the ability of alerting and adjusting the number of coins you can wager per spin and also you will be allowed to alter the coin values too so the stake levels you can play fixed payline slots will be adjustable and affordable!

How do I play slots for a penny per spin?

New we do know that a very large number of slot players love playing their favourites slot games for very low stake amounts, and you cannot get much lower that one penny per spin, and with that in mind if you do want to play for one penny per spin we will tell you how you can do just that.

You will first need to find a slot on which there is an optional payline playing structure and format, and when you do launch such a slot when playing at an online or mobile casino site then you need to activate just one of its pay lines.

Next you will need to set the coin value settings to 0.01 and then also ensure that you have just one coin in play per spin, one you have done all of the above then you imply need to click onto the spin button and by doing so you will then be playing that slot for one penny or one cent per spin!

What are slot bonus codes?

There are a huge number of different casino bonuses that you are going to be able to claim at different casino sites and those bonuses will allow you to start playing the slot games with a much increased bankroll when you make use of those bonuses and claim them.

However, you do need to be aware that many online casino sites now have something known as a bonus code claiming system which you have to use to get your bonuses credits to your account instantly and by using those bonus code systems you will be crediting your own bonuses to your account without having to contact a casino customer support team.

The first thing you need to do when claiming such a bonus is to find out the unique code number or phrase attached to the bonus you wish to claim, that will be usually displayed on the online or mobile casinos website on their promotions page.

You then simply need to enter that code or phrase into the banking interface when you are making a deposit and when you have made your deposit the bonus funds are then added instantly to your account.

Can I play more than one slot at a time?

You will have to log into an online casino site that uses the downloadable Microgaming supplied and designed gaming platform if you want to be able to play more than one slot game simultaneously, for when you do play at such a site you will find they have something known as a tabbed browser on offer.

By playing at those casino sites at the top of the slot game screen you will see a small plus button and by clicking on that button a new window will then be opened in which you can then launch another slot, you can open up quite a number of new windows and launch several different slots in total on those windows.

You will then be able to drag and move about those slot game windows on your computer screen so you can see each slot game clearly and then will be able to play them all at the same time, the best way to do just that is by also using the auto play option!

Can I play fruit machines online?

There are many slot players who are based on the UK who much prefer playing slot games they know and are used to playing, and some of the very unique types of slot machines found in the UK are slot machines.

Those types of slot machines come with three reels and usually just one single payline and offer a huge number of bonus games and bonus features so they are very action packed slot games.

If you are one of our UK based slot playing website visitors and you are looking or a range of fruit machines that you can play online then we are happy to let you now there are lots of them available at various different casino sites and they come with variable stake options, high valued jackpot paying and come much higher payout percentages than fruit machines found in land based amusement arcades too!

When is the best time to play slots?

Many slot players make the mistake in thinking that there is a good time to play slot games and a bad time, however one thing you always need to keep at the back of your mind is that all slot games are completely random.

That means there is never a good or bad time to play any type of slot machines either online or in a land based casino venue, as it will be down to luck whether you win big or not, so you can play slot machines at any time of the day or night and on any day of the week and still hit the big one with some luck on your side when you are playing them!

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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