If slot machines are truly random, how does a casino know what the payout percentage is?

Online slot machines are truly random, and a casino knows what the payout percentages via a set of certifications. Each slot and random number generator part of the slot need to pass rigorous in-house testing as well as a suite of statistical tests created to detect bias. One of many standard tests for is each slot is the measure of its RTP, each slot has a fixed theoretical value of its return to player used as a baseline value. Auditors consider the probabilities of the subset and compare events part of the actual gameplay against the expected events. The primary tool uses for this type of analyses are called the chi-squared statistics and the binomial distribution. The auditor/s also analyze the events in successive rounds and the RNG needs to meet the standards of the industry, therefore the RNG implementation is to safeguard outcomes, while also ensuring values produced are uniformly distributed over the required interval.

Before a new online casino game can be made available to players the game must be free of operational flaws that allow that the house edge could be changed by the casino or the player. The most cited cause of dissatisfaction amongst online players is the belief that games can be modified to yield the desired outcomes of an individual player. Online casinos are tremendously cautious about players believing that mathematical tools, bots or system are used to beat their spins or games, this is why auditors main function is to ensure that each slot are accurate and stable in each round and obligated to express his opinion supported by facts to manipulate false believes that the outcome of a spin or round can be influenced. Auditors track the long-term RTP plus several other statistics over months and years and therefore picks up any change and when he does he raises a red flag that the slot is not operating correctly. Auditors focus on statistical stability and audits take place monthly and only once the auditor is satisfied with all outcomes he will certify the game as fair and RNG.

Who audits online slots?

Online slots are audited and tested for software integrity by several world-renowned auditing and testing companies such as Certified Fair Gaming an industry leader in fairness and auditing found in 2003. GLI or Gaming Laboratories International is another global leader in RNG auditing and perform regular audits and test on software fairness and RNG. TST or Technical Systems Testing does independent testing and auditing and verification that the software offers 100% true RNG and fair results and that it has not been manipulated at all. Online casinos certified by eCOGRA are viewed by experienced players as the most trustworthy, eCOGRA is based in London and is an internationally approved testing laboratory accredited certified body and known for focussing on player protection. eCOGRA stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance and the majority of major online operators proudly display their eCOGRA stamp of approval on their main page.

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