How should I choose a slot to play?

There are quite a few important factors part of choosing the best slot to play, gone are the days of simplistic three-reel mechanical slots featuring single paylines. Their honoured places are taken up by a diverse and super exciting range of games packed with beautifully crafted graphics complimenting the themes that appeal to a much wider audience, without alienating classic slot devotees. One of the most decisive factors in choosing an online slot is the extensive variety of bonus features which includes anything from an array of wild symbol variations to the multiplier, enthralling free spins bonus rounds, second screen bonuses, to pick-me bonuses and even multi-level bonus rounds.

Due to technological advancements, slots developers continue to push the limits of innovative slot creation and in choosing the most suited slot, players should take into consideration the betting variety, selection of coin denominations, the RTP percentage offered by the game, and the payouts per combinations.

Selecting the best slot can turn out quite an adventure as it involves exploring the thousands of options, slots are designed to appeal to specific players preference in design, theme, number of paylines, payouts and volatility. Test the waters, try a few different slots and once you find your list of favourites, hours of spinning sensation await!

Do Slot Bonus Features effect My chances of Winning?

Slot bonus features hugely affect your chances of winning, it offers an array of additional winning possibilities and massively boosts your chances of leaving with bags full of cash. This is the main reason why most online slot devotees select their slots based on bonus rounds. Apart from the wild symbol that has the same power as the joker in card games, and can substitute for all others to form combinations, the free spins bonus round is the most favoured.

How do I activate the Free Spins Bonus?

To activate the free spins bonus or any other bonus you would require three or more bonus scatters. Slots feature several bonus-empowered symbols and the one that can unearth free spins is scatters, by collection three or more scatters the bonus round activates. During the free spins, the bonus round no additional wagering are required and the player can sit back and enjoy a winning show of 20 or more free spin staring automatically once the bonus round activates. Should three or more scatter symbol appears the free spins bonus re-triggers and even more free spins are added, while most online slots also offer free spin winnings multiplied by up to three times.

Do I need to play Maximum Bet to Activate Slot Features?

You are not required to play maximum bets in order to activate slot features, in most online video slots all bonus features can be activated during minimum bet play. Although some of the progressive jackpots require maximum bet to payout the maximum prizes. Most online slots also offer a gamble feature in which the player can predict the colour of the next card, this is a win or lose all type round, predict correct and you double the wins of the completed spin, predict wrong and you lose all.

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Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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