What is a random number generator?

A random number generator abbreviated to RTP determines how much the slot will on average return or pay back to the players. The RTP percentage indicates the percentage the slot returns to players over an extended time-period. It is always indicated via a percentage instead of an actual figure and the RTP percentage varies from one slot to another. The actual RTP percentage are part of the marketing and publicity drive for new slot released and with the possibility to win on a slot featuring an RTP of 97% many online players are persuaded to try the new game.

How is the RTP Percentage calculated?

When it comes to how the RTP percentage is calculated, as you must already expect, the calculation is quite complicated. Several different factors are taking into consideration and include probabilities and payouts of every single outcome that could take place in the game, referred to by auditors as events. Due to the progress in technology, online slots constantly increase in size and new releases such as the Miss White slot players could enjoy 1,000 ways to win, which means trying to work out the RTP percentage would be a time-consuming process.

Easiest is to leave the calculations in the hands of testing agencies, software developers and auditors, since each slot display the RTP percentage in the paytable section. The RTP percentage is tested and certified before the slot can be made available to online players and regularly tested to confirm that payouts percentages are correct.

Yet, if you a mathematician, here are the formula, should a slot feature 5 reels, 3 rows and each reel has 100 symbols on, this offers 10,000,000,000 possible outcomes, which still need to come into the calculation is the fact that the slot used as an example also have 2- paylines, which takes it to 10bn/20 or 500 million permutations. If 0.01 is used on a spin and the player get all the possible outcomes only once, he would receive back 480,000,000, which is a 96% of the 500m due to the theoretical return to player or TRTP of 96%.

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