Are online slots rigged?

Online slots are not rigged, although for many online players that is their main concern when they play games at online or even land-based casinos. One of the things that matter most to online players is whether they can put their trust in casinos and game fairness. Obviously, no player wants to be a member of a casino they feel they have a disadvantage, especially not when it comes to pre-determined strategies to minimise their winning odds.

One fact that is not a secret is that over time the house is bound to make a profit, slot outcomes are RNG and fair, while all software are regularly tested and audited. Online casinos know players need to feel protected and safe before they will enjoy slots or any other casino gaming entertainment in the way they should. It is for this reason that there are several regulations and law in place to make sure all games at casinos run fairly and legally.

Although it is a well-known fact that the casino’s main goal is to make a profit, which is what raises suspicion that casino games might be rigged. These are increased by the many theories of suspicion going around once a player had a bad beat, these include that win are only generated if you play long enough or increase your wager. But then there are many brand-new players like Thomas Babcock, the luckiest truck driver on the planet who won $3,755,501.19 after only playing a few spins on Titanic slot. When interviewed, Babcock shared that he won the progressive jackpot on either his third or fourth spin, plus it was his very first time playing the slot at the casino he has only visited three times.

Are online casino slots set up in a way that players never win?

Online casino slots are not set up in a way that players never win, all casinos benefit from the house edge and slots comes fitted with RNG, and even though the results are random it might be that players make bad decisions, which does not indicate that the slot is rigged.

Do authorities and security systems completely prevent rigged online slots?

There are several authorities and security system that eliminate the changes of online slots being rigged. Online casinos undergo massive scrutiny and must adhere to all rules and standards before being approved for an online gambling license. To keep their license, online casinos are subject to rigorous checks, auditing and is monitored by gambling authorities all the time while software audits take place monthly. Authorities and government agencies are constantly checking that all regulations and rules are adhered to, while players have several options when it comes to reporting unfair treatment or any other issues. Plus, with social media, online reviews and blogs online casinos must ensure that every player is well-taken care off or they could end up losing their good reputation.

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