I heard the best time to play slots is mid-week – is this true?

If you heard the best time to play slots is mid-week it could be true in the sense that it would not be as busy as during weekends. Due to casinos being several miles away from most players home, they might only visit the casino during weekends. So, if anyone can enjoy slots during the week they are bound to have a bigger choice in what to play and the casino would not be as busy.

What are the benefits of playing slots during the week?

Apart from the avoiding the crowd over the weekends, the other main benefit of playing during the week is that you might be able to play more than one slot at a time. With the quieter time at casinos being mid-week you will never have to queue for some of the most popular slots and even getting refreshments are much easier. Should you need to go to the bathroom or just for a walk chance are that your favourite machine would still be available if you are a mid-week player. Another benefit is that driving to the casino is also easier due to less traffic and you’ll, probably, get better service from the casino hosts as they have fewer patrons to take are off.

What are the benefits of playing slots during the week at online casinos?

The benefits of playing slots during the week at online casinos are the convenience, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, and if you are out and about you have access to all bonuses and games from wherever you are via mobile. There is actually not much difference at online casino whether you play during the week, on weekends or early hours of the morning. The advantages of playing slots online remain the same you never have to queue to play on progressive jackpots or any other popular slot and the 24/7 assistance remains simply outstanding no matter the time of day or night. There are an abundance of weekend bonuses available as well as tournaments, but at most online casinos there are special bonuses in place every day and tournament takes place every 15 minutes so there are no real benefits in playing only at a specific time or day, online casino always offer the best entertainment options and if you’re a slot enthusiast thousands of entertainment options await.

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