How do casino slot machines work?

How casino slot machines work for most players is that when you press the spin button the reels start spinning and you could win or lose. Over the years and through technological advancements slots have changed quite a bit, although the idea remains the same, the reels spin and stops in random positions, should three or more identical symbols form a combination then the player wins.

Years ago, all slots in casinos were mechanical powered by gears and levers, while a braking system stopped the reel and sensors informed the machine what to pay out according to the symbols. The mechanical slot machines have now been replaced with video slots powered by microchips, controlling the process via a motherboard. All slots whether land-based or online award random outcome due to the random number generators and each outcome is independent of the previous result and software are subject to regular test by independent auditors such as eCOGRA and TST.

But when it comes down to how online slots work it all starts with the ways to win, which includes patterns of symbols in a horizontal shape starting from the leftmost reel, patterns formed in a diagonal shape and even in a zig-zag shape. To discover all the winning patterns, it is best to visit the paytable section of the slot.

How do casino slot bonus features work?

Casino bonus slot features work in mysterious ways to increase players winning chances, wild symbols can stand in for all paying symbols to increase the possibility of payouts via combinations. Scatter symbols offer cash prizes even when they do not line-up on a payline, provided three or more are visible at the same time. The other wonderful function of scatters is that it triggers bonus rounds such as free spins.

Free spins bonus rounds are the most popular since it entitles the player to reel spins completely free of charge. Once activated a free spins bonus round can award around 20 free spins, this means that the reels spin automatically for 20 spins and no wagering are required. The total wins are added to the current winning total at the end of the bonus round.

How do casino slot jackpots work?

Casino slot jackpots are either the maximum prize offered in the slot or a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots continuously increase since it a small percentage of every wager is added to the pot from all wagers. There are two types of progressive jackpots including local and linked progressive jackpots. Local progressive jackpots are only available to players at one casino and can be won on one slot machine only. Linked progressive jackpots mean in land-based casinos that the jackpot is contributed to by players on several machines, while online progressive jackpots can be contributed to by players at several casinos. The benefit of linked progressive jackpots is that they jackpot increase quicker and reach multi-million payouts, while the benefit of local progressives is that your chances of being the lucky winner are increased since fewer players contribute towards it the jackpot payouts are smaller but still well worth spinning for.

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