Why are slots addictive?

Online slots are addictive since they are fun, flashy, requires no skills and it allows players to relax or escape their day to day activities. The music, outstanding graphics, ringing bells and fast spinning reels all combine to create excitement. Online slot themes appeal to players fascination with ancient cultures, mythology, wealth, fantasies and even Hollywood.

The symbols tell a story while they promise magic, riches and rewards it is powerful visuals that combine with audio that gets deep into the subconscious part of the brain that gives the player a feeling of being alive while it also allows association with luck, positivity and rewards. Slots are feel-good games and unlike other casino games they require no skill and remove most of the decision-making process, which enables players to feel relief after stressful days.

It is one of the most non-threatening plays, no-one else is playing the same game, it offers a sense of privacy, the me-time most longs for as it creates a feeling of me and the game, no one judges the spins, or the symbols revealed it’s your move, your luck and your enjoyment.

What does subliminal secrets of online slots mean?

The subliminal secrets of online slots mean that the carefully selected audio, attention to detail crafted symbols and the spinning action combines into a neurological response in the player’s brain. Dopamine is also the chemical responsible for the craving for food, it activates neural pathways associated with pleasure. Yet slots take it just one step further since the small rewards mixed with larger rewards offered in no pattern, according to psychologist keep our attention consumed in wanting more. What has unique psychology behind it is the near misses, rather than a feeling of lost, players see it as nearly hitting a win, which further reinforces positivity and no matter how small the rewards are, they offer a powerful subliminal effect on the slot devotee.

How do software developers choose themes?

Software developers choose themes that are specific to the latest trends, themes most enjoyed by players. There isn’t much psychology behind the themes as long as they attract a huge player audience, which is the main reason why there are many slots themed around animals, mythology and a plethora of games inspired by wealth, a rich lifestyle, and symbols include designer brand watches, yachts, expensive cars, mansions, champagne, caviar or cigars.

The most popular of all themes are branded or licensed slots created in cooperation with big brand owners such as Universal Studios. The slots are based on box-office hit films, super popular television series’ or Hollywood stars. The attraction in such themes is that players are familiar with the theme, each of the symbols means something and they relive the film and feel part of the events. In branded slots such as Guns N Roses players can even select which of the tracks they want to listen to while the reels spin, the bonus features include encore spins and crowd pleasers, while the background offers the sound of a cheering crowd. Spin in a bonus feature and the feel is that of fame, taking the stage and winning in front of a packed stadium all cheering about your achievements.

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Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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