What is the difference between a low, medium and high variance slot machine?

There are quite a few differences between low, medium and high variance slot machines. None of the three variances is necessarily bad it has more to do with how you far you want your bankroll to stretch. Low variance slots offer regular payouts but worth smaller amounts, medium variance slots offer a blend of smaller and higher payouts, while high variance slots pay less frequently yet high valued winnings.

What are low variance slots?

Low variance slots are games that offer consistent payouts and you can expect to a flow of winning spins that offers small payouts. Low variance slots seldom feature massive jackpots. Most of the low variance slots are classic 3 reels up to 5 reels slots featuring 5 up to around 9 paylines with fewer symbols. When it comes to “ways to win” slots in low variances you rarely find anything higher than 243 ways to win title. The ways to win slots are notorious for offering losses disguised as wins since even though you can line up multiple wins in a single spin the payouts can be tiny. For example, if you place a bet worth 1.00 you could be lucky enough to line-up 10 combinations and the payout can total 0.40 while the slot machine chimes to announce the win, but in reality, you lost 0.60 on the spin.

What are medium variance slots?

Most of the online slots are classified as medium variance slots, which means they feature the perfect balance of high and low variance games. They basically combine the best parts of both game types and even when you won’t win as often as in low variance slots, the payouts are equal to average or at least above bet value payouts. Medium variant slots are favoured by players who enjoy frequent rewards that keep playing interesting and with a bit of luck on your side, you could play for hours and still go home with a decent profit.

What are high variance slots?

High variance slots are often called the creme da la crème of the slots world and for playing these you better off with a substantial bankroll. High variance means the slots won’t be hitting winnings constantly, payouts are often far and few in-between, but for those who patiently sit and wait, when the winning spins come in, it tends to pay lucrative sums. In high variance slots, chances are that you could win back your losses plus some profits especially if you get to trigger the bonus features. Experienced player advises that your bankroll should the large enough to outlast the downswing and if you want to leave with a huge profit you need to know when to quit. Popular slots that fall into this category include Mega Moolah also known as the millionaire maker. High rollers for obvious reasons prefer high variance slots, although casual players who do not wish to spend much on slots are better off avoiding high variance slots.

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