What are my odds of doubling my wins using the gamble feature?

The odds of doubling your wins using the gamble feature is 50/50. The gamble feature in offline and online slots enable gamblers to either increase their winnings significantly or lose what they’ve gained from the last spin. The gamble feature only activates once a win occurred and players can decide to partake in the gamble or simply select to cash out their winnings. By selecting the gamble feature the player is asked to guess the colour of the next card, so either red or black, should the player select red and the next card is black they lose their winnings.

Apart from doubling your winnings most commonly offered by the gamble feature in slots, some can also enable players to quadruple their profits, but as the opportunity to increase the winning, so does the probability of one to four, it is a game of guessing which is risky.

How do the gamble feature work?

There are several types of gamble features of which the most common are the rolling bonus, card games or the coin toss. If the slot offers the card game gamble, the player needs to predict whether the next card displayed will be red or black, correct predictions double the winnings, incorrect guessing will result in the player losing the winnings of the previous round.

If the slot features the coin toss type of gamble feature then players need to predict whether the coin will land on tails or head and again the correct prediction offers an increase in winnings achieved in the previous spin, while an incorrect guess results in all winnings from the [previous spin being removed.

The rolling the bones, gamble feature request the player to guess whether the role of a dice will land the dice on an even or odd number, again the correct guess have a positive outcome and means more money in your pocket, while a negative outcome takes your winnings away.

Developers stepped up and in recent years took the gamble feature a level higher by adding bonus games that offer places a sense of control. The new gamble game features a glove with a green and red section that can increase or decrease winning. The amount you can win from the relatively, new gamble feature depends on how much bigger the red section is compared to the green. A needle starts to flick through both sections, should it land on green the player is in the winning seat, should it land on red the player needs to hand over the winnings.

What are the benefits of selecting the gamble feature?

The benefits of selecting the gamble feature offered by online slots are that there is no house edge and it adds even more excitement to the spinning action. Obviously, the house hopes that the player will continue playing the gamble until they lose, but to the player, it is a 50/50 game and if you lucky it is an awesome feature, when you less lucky it might be the one to ignore.

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