What does “Hit Frequency” mean?

The hit frequency in online slots is the term virtual casino use to indicate how often the slot will stop on a winning combination. In order, to explain it correctly, it is necessary to use an example if a slot machine has an 8% hit frequency it indicates that the slot will halt on a winning combination around 8% of the time. It is also well worth noting now that many online slots and VLT enable or allow players to bet on multiple paylines during one spin. The result of that is on a single spin you could get more than one winning combination as well as numerous losing combinations. To you, as the player, it could feel like you are winning often, but as always over a time-period, the losing combinations are bound to outnumber the winning combinations.

Do all slots offer the same Hit Frequency?

No, not all slots offer the same hit frequency, amongst the extended variety of slots to choose from there can be a huge variation in the hit frequency of different slot titles. While some slots feature a hit frequency of as low as 3%, other games can offer a massive hit frequency of 45%, which is mostly the case in video poker though.

In slots, a machine offering a hit frequency of 3% could sound quite appealing, although you are reminded that in around half of those hits you will only win back a payout equal to the amount wagered.

What is the Hit Frequency of Progressive jackpots?

Slot machines featuring attractive jackpots or even progressive jackpot tend to offer a very low hit frequency but then again, they do offer the multi-million payouts.

Which are the slots with the Low Hit Frequency?

Slots with low hit frequency are normally perceived by players as tight since the wins feel far apart. The online slots featuring high hit frequencies are often preferred and referred to as the loose slots since these offer small wins on a more frequent basis.

What is the correlation between Hit Frequency and Payback Rate?

The correlation between hit frequency and payback rate is just like dissimilar players like different functions in a slot, so is slot machines programmed to offer different hit frequency and payback rates. Distinguishing between the different slots with some featuring higher and others lower hit frequencies, the slots with the higher hit frequency are named loose slots as they are way more generous with small payouts, although their payback percentage is not the highest, which is quite normal giving the fact that payouts are generated often.

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