Are casinos able to change slot payouts?

Casinos are not able to change slot payouts, slot machines come with an already set payout percentage, when a casino places an order for a slot it specifies the long-term payout percentage it wants. Although, depending on the jurisdiction the casino may or may not be able to change the payback percentages at a later stage.

For example, in Nevada, casinos are able to change the slot payout percentages by ordering a new chip from the manufacturer, the chips in the slot machines are then swapped and it is only allowed when all the appropriate paperwork is filled with the state to inform them of the change. Some of the later model slot machines support downloadable software, should a casino request a change in payout percentages the software can be sent via a central server and the slot machine can be updated without physically being opened. Yet there are strict rules in place regarding software changes and the casino is unable to make these changes on any slot while anyone is playing on it.

What is the Immediate Payback Percentage on Slots?

There is actually, no present time payback percentage on slots, a slot machine’s payback percentage or payouts get closer to its long-term payout or payback percentage as it gets played more often. Even after tens of millions of spins, the payout or payback percentage might only be a few tenths of a percentage point off from the long-term percentage.

What can Casinos Change via the Configuration Menu?

What casinos can change via the configuration menus is quite restricted as many things cannot be changed, should all aspects be configurable it would open the machine up to cheating. So, what can be changed via the configuration menu is the sound or audio volume, graphical quality and some allow players to adjust this.

What are the Typical Payout Percentages on Slots?

The typical payout percentages on slots are easier understood when you first look at casino games in general, in blackjack, it is quite possible for card counters to gain a mathematical advantage over the game while strategy player can somewhat lower the house edge. Roulette players who prefer games featuring the double-zero wheel are faced with a 5.26% house edge, while a single zero wheel is 2.7%.

When it comes to slots the house edge or advantage is replaced by the payback percentage, these vary from one software supplier to the next and from one slot to the other. Some of the most popular online slots offer a payback percentage of 99%, which is much higher than that offered by land-based slot machines, which offer around 79% to 85% on average. It is most important to remember the theoretical payout percentage are calculated over an extended time-period.

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