What are the best Slots to play in Vegas?

The best slots to play in Vegas will obviously and most importantly depend on your personal taste, if you enjoy the less complicated then the classic range are the perfect ones to seek out. For players who love actions, tons of bonuses and big payouts it is a toss between video slots and progressive jackpots.

But of course there is a reason why every single casino in Vegas is crowded with slot machines, most casinos have slots as far as the eye can see. Visitors can hardly get enough of the excitement and fun offered by pushing the button.  The main reason for their popularity is that players don’t require experience, skill or gambling knowledge plus playing them require a smaller commitment than table games. There are many theories on how you can best navigate your way through the 200,000 slot machines offered in Las Vegas.

How do you choose slots in Vegas?

There are tons of themed slot machines based on visitor’s favourite cartoon character and Television shows, and it is possible to hit some payouts in the presence of Dolly Parton or to become part of the latest adventure in Star Wars. There are an endless number of new machines even shinier than the rest and alongside these, if you really look are at times those with a dated look, they are much less appealing from the outside and these are the classic that stood the test of time and offer some of the highest payouts.

If you enjoy simplicity then it makes sense to enjoy the classic slot machines, they might not be the flashiest, but they are not to be ignored since big Vegas winnings have been awarded by slots such as Red, White and Blue as well as Double Diamond. If it is lots of activities happening at the same time you hope to find in Vegas then Circus Circus could be the place to be, they have rows and rows of slot machines, some of the hottest titles and slot spinning are paired with big screen televisions that allow spinners to keep an eye on some of the major sport events. What is really special is that you can even play slots placed on the Circus carousel and while you spin the reels you slowly spinning on a carousel and enjoy a great view, but then again if you’re new to slots, you can book free slot lessons available for free every day at mid-day.

What is the best way to win big in Vegas?

The best way to win big in Vegas and this you’ll find out within a few hours is to try the slots that are placed at the front of the casino as these generated the most excitement and action. It is the most popular slots that earn a place in the high-traffic areas. If you wish to stay more out of sight or play in low-key areas, every corner of the casino feature slots well worth exploring and there are lots of penny or dollar slots. No matter where you play or which slots you select the best way to get the most from your slot experience is to sign up for the player’s club or take advantage of promotions. Several promotions give you the chance to enjoy special games, play slots for free over time or maybe you could even be eligible for freebies during your visit.

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Doug Holmes

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