Chicken Fox

Lightning Box Players Look To Get Rich With “Chicken Fox”

Doug Holmes By Doug Holmes    | Feb 5, 2019
Chicken Fox

Players can help the fox catch his next meal in the cartoonish Chicken Fox slot game from Lightning Box Games.

This five reel game has 25 paylines for the player to score on. The game delivers excellent gameplay combined with great graphics and music for a total package.

Players are welcomed by the site of the barn and all of the potential targets that they might score. The game has the traditional card values as lower-value symbols.

Besides those, there are four different chicken symbols. Players get 6.66 times back their original stake if they can get five of them scored in a payline.

Besides the chickens, there are also other symbols present. This includes the goat, the pig, and the tractor. The most valuable one is the tractor, but all of these symbols can offer a high return, especially if a player gets five of them on a payline.

The farmer’s wife acts as one of the wild symbols for this game. This means it will act like any other symbol, except for the golden egg and be a part of any winning combination. Additionally, if a player gets five of these symbols on a payline, they will get 166.66 times back their original stake.

Winning Big

The big payout is in the bonus game though. Bonus games are activated by having the golden egg symbol show up. If at least three of the golden egg symbols show up, then a bonus game is activated. Depending on how many golden egg symbols are scored, players can get up to 100 times their stake and 30 free spins.

The entire game changes when the bonus game is activated. During bonus games, the only symbols available are the chicken symbols, an egg, the wild fox and blanks. Blanks don’t count for anything, while different chickens have different values. The chick is pretty cheap while the large rooster pays out big.

While spinning during the free game, a wild fox can shows up and eat all of the available chickens on screen. This also gives players the total win. The double wild fox adds a double multiplier to the win. If a wild fox and an egg show up on the same spin, players get five free spins and double that on a double wild fox.

Overall, Chicken Fox is an excellent game from Lightning Box that provides a lot of fun. Players should try it out when it arrives at their favourite online casino.

Doug Holmes

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