One aspect of the online slot machine marketplace that you will have to try and keep track of is that many companies that do design and develop all manner of different online and for that matter mobile slot games, are often going to be bought out and taken over by other companies. Over the many years of online gambling some casino game designers have become huge, due simply to the fact that they are prepared to spend big bucks buying out any smaller companies whose casino and slot games offer something unique or unusual. That is what you will find with Amaya for not only have they been very busy over the years buying up other companies, they have also changed their name and have restructured their business as they have grown and grown. But make no mistake about it, if you are a slot player that is looking for some of the best slot playing experiences possible, you will never go far wrong by opting to play slot games that have been designed and developed as part of the Amaya brand of slots, and there will be no shortages of those slots you an access and play online too, as you are about to discover!

Play Amaya Slots for Free

As part of my service to give you as much information on Amaya slots as is possible, I have also inserted into this web page a huge number of their free play demo modes slots, which you are welcome to play. By trying out several of them you will get a good feel for the way that they do play and pay-out too!
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Most Popular Amaya Slots

The Moon Temple slot is one of the very latest slot games from Amaya to go live, and what you are going to love about that mystical themed slot game is that it boasts six reels and a very unusual playing structure too.

With plenty of ways to win and bonus games that do tend to trigger fairly frequently it is a slot game worth tracking down and playing, and make sure you activate the sound effects for they are going to blow you away!

For those slot players out there who like playing some of the more basic slot games, then allow me to introduce you to the Amaya designed Pot o’ Gold slot.

That slot has been designed to be a fast playing slot, which is made possible due to it offering just three reels and one single pay line too. Thanks to its rapid fire playing structure you are going to be able to rattle through a huge number of spins in a very short space of time!

I think you are also going to enjoy playing the King Kong Skull Mountain slot too, for thanks to its animated reel symbols, and its huge jackpot, any spin you play off could be a huge paying one, and those base game and bonus game animations really does bring this slot to life!

Amaya Slot RTP’s

As far as the long term expected pay-out percentages on Amaya designed slot games go, you will find an abundance of them which are set to return to players 97.00% of their stakes as winning pay-outs.

But keep in mind that you will not experience pay-out percentages as high as that on every Amaya slot playing session you have, for the RTP’s are going to bounce around all over the place when playing those slots, but over the long term each slot should return the expected RTP is has been set to pay-out to players.

Some of their slots can have fairly low RTP’s too, so keep in mind that one of the advantages of playing at our featured casino sites, that have their range of slots on offer to players, you will find the pay-out percentages listed on their websites, as that is a legal requirement of the gaming commission that licensed those casinos.

It should also be noted that the slot variance each slot game has been designed around is also going to have a direct effect on whether you get lots of low valued winning spins spinning in, or fewer lowering paying ones but have the chance of winning some much higher pay-outs.

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games and Bonus Features

You do of course have the option of playing Amaya slots for free, but each of their real money slots come with fully player adjustable multi-denomination stake levels.

Therefore you can play them as penny slots if you are a low stake player or can crack up the stake levels and coins values to turn them into high stake high rolling slots if you prefer.

As for the Amaya slot game bonus games and bonus features, you can trigger free spins, pick and match or pick and win bonus games, and bonus features such as random wilds can also be awarded to you when playing some of their most recent slot game releases!

Amaya Slot Playing Environments

You will not be required to have to download any software when you set about playing Amaya slots online, for they are designed as instant play slots, all of which launch seamlessly into any web browser.

You can of course also play their range of slots on any touch screen mobile device, so look out for any casinos offering their range of slots that also has available a mobile casino app.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure you may have some additional questions relating to Amaya slots, and if you do then there is a very good possibility those questions will be answered below. But do keep in mind the pay tables on their slots contain lots of additional game play information too so do check them out!

Do all Amaya slots offer massive jackpots?

I would suggest that you take a look at as many of the pay tables as you possibly can do if you do now fancy getting stuck into playing any of the many different Amaya slot games, for that way you will instantly be able to see just how high the jackpots are. The progressive slots do obviously have the highest potential jackpots on offer, but all slots will have jackpots that are certainly worth winning of course.

How do I find the RTP’s of Amaya slot games?

The pay-out percentage information on all Amaya slot machines can be found in one of several different places, often that information will be on the pay tables of each individual Amaya slot game, or you will find it on the websites of the casino sites you are playing at, or it could also be on the help files that you will find attached to each of their slot games too.

Are Amaya slot games completely random?

You can play Amaya slot games with complete confidence, for every single slot machine they have designed has been fully tested by a third party company before going live to ensure they are random and fair. The licensing commissions who issue gaming licenses to casinos offering Amaya slots also demand proof of the games being fair on an ongoing basis too.

Can I play more than one Amaya slot simultaneously?

There are a couple of ways that you are going to be able to play more than one Amaya slot game all at the same time, the first is by looking to see if they have any multi play versions of those slots. If not then simply launch two or more windows as the casino site you are playing at as that way you can play different slots all at the same time in those different open windows!

What types of wild symbols are found on Amaya slots?

Make no mistake about it, if and when you do make the very wise and start decision of playing Amaya slot games you are going to find all manner of different wild symbols in play on each of them. Some Amaya slots have standard wild symbols, some of them have wild multiplier symbols attached to their reels and some slots even have things such as expanding wild symbols too!

How many video slots do Amaya offer?

Just be aware that as soon as you do decide to start playing at any casino sites that offer the range of Amaya slot game you are then going to be able to play many hundreds of different types of categories of slots. Amaya slots include bonus game awarding video slots, progressive slots and you will also find available at those casinos site slots that are designed with three reels and classic slot games too!

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Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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