Many online casino and slot game designers that launched in the 1990’s are still going strong to this day, and one company that certainly has weathered the often very turbulent world of online gambling is NextGen Gaming, who launched as a company back in the year 1999. What you have to remember, if you were not around way back then, is that technology wasn’t as far advanced as it is today, and as a casino and slot game designer a lot of time, money and effort had to be put into the design of each game you released to ensure they were playable form a players point of view once they did go live online. Well, I am happy to report that many of the very earliest slot games launched by NextGen Gaming did catch the slot playing public’s imagination, and many of those much older slots are still available to play online. However, one thing you really should make a point of doing, is giving some of the more recent slot game releases from Next Gen a try, as you will be blown away with just how playable and potentially high paying each of them are!

Play NextGen Gaming Slots for Free

It is up to you whether you do fancy playing any of the huge and ever growing range of NextGen Gaming slots, however the only realistic way for you to decide whether they are going to be worth playing for real money is to first set about playing them for free. That is something you can do below by clicking on any of the slots listed.
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Most Popular NextGen Gaming Slots

I would carefully look through the huge and growing list of NextGen Gaming slot games if you are in a slot playing frame of mind today, for there are some of their slots that are going to be giving you the type of slot playing experience you love having.

The Spin Lab for example has been designed for slot players that enjoy playing multi line slots on which the maximum number of different staking option are available to players, and with a large base game jackpot up for grabs on that slot, any spin you play off could, turn out to be a mega paying one, even if you play for tiny stake levels!

The Witch slot on the other hand has been designed for bonus game loving slot players to have the maximum of entertainment and excitement, for there is never any knowing just when the bonus game on that slot will be triggered, and there is never any knowing whether that bonus game will be a mega paying one or not, until you have played it off of course!

I love everything about the Oil Mania slot, and there is no doubt in my mind that as soon as you send its reels spinning and see the way that it does play and pay coupled with the large range of bonus games and bonus features you will too!

NextGen Gaming Slot RTP’s

Much like all other online and mobile slot game designers, each slot you are going to come across that has been developed by NextGen Gaming is going to give you a different playing format and structure, but each slot will have been designed with its own RTP too.

The RTP is the percentage of your stakes that over your long term play on any one or more slot games is going to be returned to you as winning pay-outs. Therefore it does of course make sense for you to only play slots which do boast the highest of pay-out percentages.

With that in mind I have discovered three NextGen Gaming designed and supplied slots that are available to play at lots of different casino sites that do have some every high and impressive pay-out percentages, the very first slot being the Wolf Pack Pays slot which has a 97.8% pay-out percentage.

The Medusa II slot along with the equally exciting to play Monster Wins slot are two other slots that come highly recommended and they are both highly recommended due to the fact that the pay-out percentages are 97.10% on both of those slots!

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games

The range and type of bonus games coupled with the base game bonus features you are going to be triggering when playing NextGen Gaming slot machines are so varied that you should always read the pay tables to find out not only how they are triggered but also how they will play off.

Not only are you going to be entertained but those base game bonus features and when triggering the main bonus games on those slot machines, you are also always going to be able to set the coin and stake values to ones that you can afford, even if you are a penny slot player!

NextGen Gaming Progressive Slots

One other type of slot game other than action packed video slots you will come across when playing at an online or mobile casino sites offering the impressive and huge range of NextGen Gaming slots are progressive slot games.

Those jackpots can be won by any player at any moment and are of course fully certified as being fair and random, but also make sure you play them in the way that gives you a chance of winning the jackpot!

Frequently Asked Questions

In your quest to find the perfect slot games to get stuck into playing, you may have some questions relating to playing NextGen Gaming, and if you do I have answered some of the most asked questions related to their very impressive range of low to high stake slot games below so do read on.

How many casinos offer the range of NextGen Gaming slots?

As the gaming platform that most players tend to use are instant play ones, then there is always going to be a very good chance that any instant play casino sites you do come across are going to be offering you any number of NextGen Gaming slot games. Keep in mind too just like this website when you do play at any sites that offer NextGen Gaming slot machine and slot game you can always play them for free or for real.

What is the lowest coin value setting on NextGen Gaming slot games?

NextGen Gaming slot games have been designed to be played for a range of different staking options; however they are going to be very affordable slots to play no matter what your slot playing bankroll. In fact, the lowest coin setting available on each of their many different slot machines is just one penny or one cent, so they are suitable for low stake players and high stake players like.

Do casinos with NextGen Gaming slots have loyalty clubs?

One thing that I would advise you to always do long before you start to play NextGen Gaming slot games online, is to check out just what is going to be on offer at any of our featured casino sites. For those sites are not only going to be offering you bonuses that can be used on NextGen Gaming slots but many of them will be offering a reward scheme so you will earn comp and loyalty points when playing those slots too!

Can I play all NextGen Gaming slots at no risk?

Many online slot players worry that if and when they play online slot machines for free initially and they find them to be great paying and possibly high paying slots when they then switch over to playing them for real money the slots will pay-out lower amounts and have lower RTP’s. The NextGen Gaming slot games however play and pay the same way no matter whether you play them for free or for real money!

Do NextGen Gaming slots allow players to accumulate bonus games?

Most slot games will have a recovery or rescue mode, which means that if your connection cuts out or drops or you log out of the slot you are playing, when you launch that slot later you are going to be able to continue playing from the moment in time you stopped playing or got disconnected, therefore it is possible to save bonus games up when playing NextGen Gaming slot games online or on a mobile device!

Can I send NextGen Gaming slots into live play automatically?

Sometimes you may feel like taking things nice and easy when playing NextGen Gaming slots online, and when that day comes you will have the option of setting any of their slots to play automatically. To be in a position to do so you will need to click onto the auto play settings of the NextGen Gaming slot you are playing and chose the stakes and the number of spins you want the slot to play off for you.

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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