For a company that has only been around in the online gaming environment since 2011, there is a lot to like about the way that Quickspin runs and operates their company. What they supply as best described as an all in one gaming platform that casino operators can make use of to supply a huge catalogue of slot games and other casino games to their players. That gaming platform is an instant play one but it has been designed in such a way that any online casino operator is able to seamlessly bolt on games from a very large number of different slot machine designers and developers. That is turn means that as soon as you do come across any casino offering the Quickspin range of games and their web browser based instant play gaming platform you are going to be spoilt for choice as to just how many different slots you can play. To help you work your way through their huge list of slot games, to discover just which ones are going to be the very best ones to play, this guide to Quickspin slots will certainly point you in the right direction, so please read on to discover more!

Play Quickspin Slots for Free

As the entire range of Quickspin have been designed to be played without the need to download any software, you are going to be able to sample playing any of the slots I have listed below instantly and right now, so please do get stuck into playing them at no risk for as long as you like!
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Most Popular Quickspin Slots

Please do spend as much time as you can do playing the free play Quickspin slots above, for there is no doubt in mind as you set about playing them and see their unique base game and bonus game features you are very quickly going to find several of them you will want to play for real money.

However, as for the slots that other players have found the most appealing, well one that comes with a very obvious theme is the Pirates Charm slot, which offers players the widest range of different staking option so can be play for tiny stake amounts or some much higher stake amounts.

It will be the amount of entertainment value coupled with the chance of winning big that often draws in and lures in players to play some online and mobile slots, and with that in mind one that is going to be giving you something of a fully rounded gaming experience for sure is the Pied Piper slot.

One final slot that does always get the most play time from players is the new  Rapunzel’s Tower slot, a great deal of time and effort obviously went into the design of that slot game and you will soon make that discovery when you send its five video reels into live play!

Quickspin Slot RTP’s

Unlike some slot game designers and developers that tend to design their slots with below average pay-out percentages, so that casino sites operating them earn more money from their range of slots much quicker, Quickspin know the higher they set their RTP’s the more slot players will enjoy playing their slots.

For by setting their pay-out percentages or RTP’s as they are also known much higher that other slot game designers, players get more winning pay-outs and more play time for their money.

If you are wondering just how high some of those pay-out percentages are then look at slots such as their Goldilocks and the Wild Bears slot game, for believe it or not that slot has been set to return to players a whopping 97.84% of their stakes as winning pay-outs!

The Quickspin Sinbad slot comes with a theme that many players do find appealing, but even more slot players find its RTP of 97.08% even more appealing, in fact also make a point of playing their Wild Chase slot game for its very high RTP of 96.72% is going to give players much more play time for their money!

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games

Have you found it can be a very expensive pastime playing online slots, and often you end up playing slots that are rather basic in their design and do not give you any value either?

If that is the case you are always going to find a stake level you can play Quickspin slot games for, as they offer penny coin value settings which can be increased instantly too, the RTP’s are high and the bonus games on their slots include pick and match features and free spins bonus rounds too.

Quickspin Slot Playing Environments

The Quickspin Company was launched to bring together slot game designers from many different companies and to allow for a gaming platform on which players have the choice of playing many different slots from many different companies too.

Therefore the slots you will come cross are going to be accessible via an instant play gaming platform, however as their range of slots are from many different companies you will also find that many of them are also available on mobile casino apps, so if you do take a shine to any of them you can play them anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are never going to be any problems when you play Quickspin slot for they are excellent slots to play that have all been designed to suit all players’ bankrolls. If you have any questions that have not be answered in the guide above then please do read on into this final section in which I will be answering all manner additional questions about the range of Quickspin slot machines.

Can I set loss limits playing Quickspin slots?

As the laws surrounding playing not just Quickspin slot games but slot and casino games in general online and on any type of mobile device too have been evolving over the years, some gambling commissions now demand their license holders allow players to set loss limits and deposit limits when playing slots in either playing environment, so that is something you will be able to do.

What 3 reel slots are available from Quickspin?

Just be aware that as soon as you do start playing at any casino sites that offer the range of Quickspin slot game you are then going to be able to play many hundreds of different types of categories of slots. Quickspin slots include bonus game awarding video slots, progressive slots and you will also find available at those casinos site slots that are designed with three reels and classic slot games too!

Are penny slot versions of Quickspin slot machines available?

Quickspin slot games have been designed to be played for a range of different staking options; however they are going to be very affordable slots to play no matter what your slot playing bankroll. In fact, the lowest coin setting available on each of their many different slot machines is just one penny or one cent, so they are suitable for low stake players and high stake players like.

Will my Quickspin slot game winnings be paid out to me rapidly?

All of the casino sites and mobile casino apps that you are going to find showcased, reviewed and presented to you on this website that do offer the large and growing range of Quickspin slot games are all fully licensed and regulated, one thing that you are never going to have to worry about when playing at those casino sites is getting paid out your winnings rapidly as they all do pay-out quickly!

Are Quickspin slot games rigged or fixed?

You can play Quickspin slot games with complete confidence, for every single slot machine they have designed has been fully tested by a third party company before going live to ensure they are random and fair. The licensing commissions who issue gaming licenses to casinos offering Quickspin slots also demand proof of the games being fair on an ongoing basis too.

How many Quickspin slots can be played for free?

As you can see from up above it is possible to play lots of different Quickspin slot games for free and with no risk attached, and that is something that I would advise all players to do. Just make sure you play them long enough to trigger all bonus games and bonus features as that way you will see first-hand how exciting and high playing those Quickspin slot games can be!

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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