Even though Rabcat have been around and supplying some very high quality slot since 2001, it does have to be said that many slot players have not yet come across their range of slots, and that is why I have chosen to put together and compile the following Rabcat slot game guide. To give you a basic overview of their product, they offer no download instant play slot games, which can also be easily configured to work on any mobile casinos app, but it is the design and quality of their slot games that do make them stand out. Bingo sites tend to have by far and away the largest selection of their slot games on offer but having said that more and more online and mobile casino sites are now bolting them onto their instant play gaming platforms. As such if you do fancy trying out a range of slot games, all of which have been very uniquely designed, but slots that you may never have seen or even played before, then please take a look through this guide for there are some Rabcat slots that you really should be making a concerted effort to play online!

Play Rabcat Slots for Free

By clicking onto any of the slot game images or slot game names below, you will then see that slot game magically launch and load into your web browser, and you can then set about playing any slot you like the look of for free and at no risk. By doing so you will soon see for yourself why Rabcat slots are as popular as they are with players all over the world!
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Most Popular Rabcat Slots

I know that every single slot machine player looks for different things when they do play any type of slot game in any playing environment, but thanks to the very diverse range of slots on offer from Rabcat there is no doubt in my mind you will find a very large number of them that are very appealing.

As for just which Rabcat slots are the most played ones, well that honour goes to slots such as their African Dream slot, on which you will find five video reels and more than enough pay lines any of which could be the one that the high valued jackpot is spun in on!

The Alles Walze slot may only be a very recently launched Rabcat slot but it sure has made a very long and lasting impression with many slot players, and it is the frequency and high hit rate of that slot games bonus rounds that players love about it and it is another of the most popular slots from Rabcat too for that reason.

One additional slot that I just know so going to be a fun one to play is the Candy Pop slot, this slot has been designed like no other and it is the high levels of entertainment and excitement that players love about it, and I am confident when you do play it you will have an enjoyable time too!

Rabcat Slot RTP’s

It can often be very difficult for slot players to actually find just what pay-out percentages the slots they may be about to play have been set to return to players via their individual RTP’s, and some slot game designers never make public that information.

However, the gaming regulators such as gambling commissions and gaming authorities have somewhat forced the hands of those companies to reveal that information to players, as casino operators licensed in many countries of the world are required by law to list the expected long term RTP’s of all of their games somewhere on their slots or on their websites.

There will be never any confusion as to whether you are playing a high or low paying Rabcat designed slot machines for they have published their slot game RTP’s and as such one slot that is certainly worth getting stuck into playing from Rabcat is their Classic 243 slot which has been certified as having a pay-out percentage of 97.00%!

The Frozen Diamonds slot is another slot machines on which you are going to get plenty of fun and gaming action form your bankroll as that slot also comes with a much higher than average pay-out percentage, which for reference is 96.70%!

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games

The pay tables of every single Rabcat slot machine along with their respective help files are going to reveal to you a wealth of information as to how ever one of their slots plays and pays, so always do make a point of reading them through.

But no not be under the impression their range of slots are not fun to play ones or affordable ones either, for they have all been designed to offer players lots of different staking options, and the bonus games and bonus features do certainly bring their slots to life too!

Rabcat Slot Playing Environments

Instant play gaming platforms are going to be the ones at which you will find the entire range of Rabcat designed slots, and as such if you do wish to play them you will find quite a number of our featured casino sites that have them on offer. However, some mobile casinos offering their own unique mobile apps also have their slots on offer too.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter which of the many different Rabcat slots you set about playing, you are in for a fun and exciting time, however to help answer any questions you may still have about Rabcat slots, below you will find lots of questions that I have answered for you!

Are high stake Rabcat slots available online?

As you can pick and choose the coin value settings when playing Rabcat slot games, that means you are going to be able to play them for any stake level you want to play them for. If you are a high rolling and high stake player then you will find all casino sites that offer their range of slot machines will have plenty of high stake options available.

Can I send Rabcat slots into live play automatically?

Sometimes you may feel like taking things nice and easy when playing Rabcat slots online, and when that day comes you will have the option of setting any of their slots to play automatically. To be in a position to do so you will need to click onto the auto play settings of the Rabcat slot you are playing and chose the stakes and the number of spins you want the slot to play off for you.

What is the best platform to play Rabcat slots on?

It is always going to be up to you and your decision alone to make as to just how you go about playing the range of Rabcat slots, some players do like the way those slot games all play when using an online gambling platform, so be prepared to do so yourself! However, keep in mind that you do also have the added ability of playing them on a mobile device too.

Which Rabcat slots come recommended?

Personal choice and just what you tend to look for when playing any slot machines in absolutely any playing environment is ultimately going to determine just which slots you do find appealing. It is very fair and true to say that Rabcat slot players will always have their own personal favourite that they feel is much a better one to play than others, but overall they are all great playing slot machines!

How easy are Rabcat slots to play?

There is nothing complicated or difficult about playing Rabcat slot games, for all you need to do when playing them online is to click on the slot game name to launch the slot. As long as you have money in your casino account you can play them straight away, and to do so simply choose a stake level the number of pay lines you want to play and then click onto the spin button to send the reels spinning!

Can I play multi play Rabcat slots?

There are a couple of ways that you are going to be able to play more than one Rabcat slot game all at the same time, the first is by looking to see if they have any multi play versions of those slots. If not then simply launch two or more windows as the casino site you are playing at as that way you can play different slots all at the same time in those different open windows!

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Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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