To be perfectly honest, it does take a great deal of time, money and effort to blast your way into the online gaming scene, if you are a slot and casino game designer. Over the years I have seen many such companies come and go, but one that was launched in 2014 and has certainly proven they have made a concerted effort in regards to designing some of the most playable online slots is Red Tiger Gaming. Their range of slots are available to players all over Europe and Asia too, and thanks to their in-house team of designers, one thing you are certainly going to notice when you set about playing their slots is that each one is completely unique. The base game bonus features are impressive and if you are a fan of playing video slots on which some of the most exciting and potentially highest paying bonus games could be triggered at any time, then you really do need to read through this review of Red Tiger Gaming slots, and also give some of their slot games a whirl too!

Play Red Tiger Gaming Slots for Free

I want you to get a true and very real feel for the way that Red Tiger Gaming slot games play and pay. That is why below you are going to have the opportunity of playing any of their slots for free and at no risk. The RTP’s for reference are the same on their demo mode and real money slots, so by playing them below you will see just how high paying they can be at times!
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Most Popular Red Tiger Gaming Slots

It is of course always going to be up to you and you alone as to just which of the huge range of Red Tiger Gaming  slots you fancy playing, but make no mistake about it they are all going to be offering you something different by way of playing structures and bonus games.

The pay-out percentages as you will shortly find out have been set very high on many of their slot games too, but there are some that have such an unusual theme, playing structure or set of bonus games and bonus features that have made them the most popular slots from Red Tiger Gaming.

Therefore if you want to try out some of their most popular slots, those being the slots that other players always tend to play then one slot you should play right now is their Treasure Mine slot, for I guarantee a huge number players are going to love the way that slot plays and pays.

There is also the fully themed and bonus game packed Totem Lightning slot that you will enjoy playing too, however if it is the Asia themed and high variance slot that you enjoy playing the most then get stuck into playing their Imperial Palace slot sooner rather than later.

Red Tiger Gaming Slot RTP’s

As you have just fund out from above, there are some slot games that have been designed and launched online by Red Tiger Gaming that always do get plenty of attention from slot players the world over.

However, make sure that you become a much savvier slot player, for there are some of their slots that have been designed in such a way that players will always get more of their stakes back as winning pay-outs over the long term.

It is thanks to higher than average pay-out percentages that do enable those slots to pay-out more, and with that in mind allow me to introduce you to three slots that have been set with high pay-out percentages.

Those slots include the Sumo Spins slot which has a generous RTP of some 96.13%, the Lucky Wizard slot is one you should be playing more often than not for it comes with a much higher RTP that being some 96.42%, and do consider playing the Mega Jade slot too for it has been designed with a high payout percentages of some 96.00%!

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games

Penny slot players are always going to get hours of fun and entertainment when playing Red Tiger Gaming slots, but keep in mind that being multi stake slots you can play them for whatever stake amounts your bankroll is best suited to, as the coin values, number of coins and often the number of pay lines you can activate on each spin you play off can be adjusted.

I urge everybody interested in playing red Tiger Gaming slots to always spend a little bit of time reading the pay tables attached to each of their video slots, just so they know what to expect via the huge number of different bonus games and bonus features that can and will be triggered when playing their slots!

Red Tiger Gaming Slot Playing Environments

I am often asked which the best way is to play certain slots however when it comes to the range of slot games that are available from Red Tiger Gaming players do get two different platforms on which they can play them.

Those platforms are an online instant play one and the other is of course via a casino app, but there are no differences what so ever regarding the way their slots play in both environments, so you will have the same long term RTP’s and the same staking option and set of winning payout no matter where you choose to get stuck into playing them!

Frequently Asked Questions

It could be the case that you still have a few questions relating to how and where to play Red Tiger Gaming slots, and if that is the case below I have tried to answer as many commonly asked questions about their slots as I can do!

Are instant play Red Tiger Gaming slots better than mobile slots?

It is always going to be up to you and your decision alone to make as to just how you go about playing the range of Red Tiger Gaming slots, some players do like the way those slot games all play when using an online gambling platform, so be prepared to do so yourself! However, keep in mind that you do also have the added ability of playing them on a mobile device too.

Can random jackpots be won on Red Tiger Gaming slots?

It all will depend on just which Red Tiger Gaming slot games you choose to play as to whether you are going to have the chance of winning a random jackpot, for there are plenty of progressive slots some of which have been designed to award their jackpots completely at random. But always check the slot game pay tables to see how each jackpot can and will be won!

Is there any multi pay Red Tiger Gaming slots available online?

The number of Red Tiger Gaming slot games on which you can play every single pay line that can be formed across the visible reel symbols are increasing, and as such those types of slots have been proving popular with players The reason why they are popular is that you only have to pay one small stake to have every single way of forming a winning combination in play.

How many Red Tiger Gaming slots are used for slot tournaments?

I have some good news for you if you enjoy playing slot tournaments online or entering lots of different slot race promotions, and that is that Red Tiger Gaming slot games are often the ones used as the base slots on  them, so you will have the chance of winning big when entering them. But always do read the rules as they can and do change from casino site to casino site.

Are Red Tiger Gaming slots compatible with Android phones?

It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone or any type of touch screen tablet or smart phone, you are going to be able to get stuck into playing any and all Red Tiger Gaming on those mobile devices. There is no difference regarding the way those slots pay-out and play when playing them on a mobile device so you will have plenty of fun and winning opportunities when you do so!

Why do lots of players like playing Red Tiger Gaming slots?

It is the way that each Red Tiger Gaming slot game will give you a unique type of slot playing experience that has always made their slots so very sought after by players. It is also the fact that every single brand new Red Tiger Gaming slot game that does get released will offer something new to players either by its playing format and structure or via its bonus games or base game bonus features and even its theme too!

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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