It takes a lot for a company such as Microgaming, who have been at the forefront of online slot and casino game development; to be so impressed by another company’s range of slot games they have added them onto their gaming platform! However, one company that has is StormCraft Studios, and they went live with their company in 2016 and since then have been very busy working behind the scenes to design, develop and then launch a small but very impressive suite of slot games, that immediately catch the attention of players. Obviously as they are such a relatively new company, you are not going to find hundreds of slot games that they have designed, but those they have so far made live have been very warmly embraced by players who do report they are very enveloping slots. This guide much like all of my other slot game designers guides, is going to be introducing you to their range of slots, and I will also be fully enlightening you are to what each of them are going to be offering you by way of pay-out percentages, bonus features and playing structures too, so please read on and also try out some of their games below too!

Play StormCraft Studios Slots for Free

The only way a slot player is going to discover if they do enjoy playing any slot machines that they have never seen or come across before is to give them a whirl. That is what you can do below for by clicking on any of the StormCraft Studios slots listed below you can set about playing them at no risk for as long as you like!
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Most Popular StormCraft Studios Slots

I am in a very unusual position regarding presenting to you the most popular slot games from StormCraft Studios, for as they are a new slot game designer and as their slot machine count only numbers one at the time of compiling this guide, it is true to say their most popular slot is the Fortunium slot as that is the only one they have so far launched and made live!

That slot however is one that you are certainly going to enjoy playing, and it will be at casino sites that have chosen to have the range of Microgaming designed slots on offer in their gaming suites that you will have the chance of giving it some free play time or playing it for real money.

I can however go into a little bit more detail of why that slot is such a popular one, and firstly it offers players a 40 pay line playing structure and format, and those 40 pay lines are spread over its five video reels.

It can award players a set of free spins with up to three mystery symbols, however when playing this slot Win Boosters can suddenly come into play which will boost any and all winning pay-outs achieved by players by up to 50% of their standard and pay table listed win amounts!

StormCraft Studios Slot RTP’s

As currently the only slot on offer from StormCraft Studios is of course their Fortunium slot that is the only slot of theirs that I can reveal the pay-out percentage of!

However, they have certainly designed it to be a slot players will always be happy to play for it has been set with a fully certified and verified long term expected pay-out percentage of a high 96.47% so you should get plenty of spins from your bankroll, and plenty of winning spins too when playing it!

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games

You do need to keep in mind that when playing the Fortunium slot or in fact any online slot games that you do always have the option of testing them out and giving them some play time at no risk, so there is a free play version of that slot at all casino sites that have it available.

However, there is also the option of playing it for real money of course and by doing so you are going to be able to select a coin value and a staking option that will suit your gambling bankroll and your playing strategy down to the ground!

The bonuses games are so very unique on the Fortunium slot, that I would strongly advise you to spend a little bit of time before play it to study the pay table attached to the slot, by clicking onto the pay table button and scrolling through the many screens of that pay table,

By doing so you will then discover not only just how much every possible winning combination of each reel symbol can and will pay out, dependent on the stake you are playing for, but you will also find out how the bonus games, of which there are many will be triggered and how they will all play off too!

StormCraft Studios Progressive Slots

It is hoped that in the very near future StormCraft Studios are going to add a range of progressive slots to their collection.

However, at this moment in time they do not have any available, but I will of course update this guide as soon as they do launch any such slots, for if they are as fun to play and as entertaining as their Fortunium slot those progressive slots should prove to be very popular with players!

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving onto the final section of this guide to playing StormCraft Studios slots, is my questions and answers section of this guide which is going to answer as many questions about their range of slots as I can fit on this web page!

Are some StormCraft Studios slots better than others?

Personal choice and just what you tend to look for when playing any slot machines in absolutely any playing environment is ultimately going to determine just which slots you do find appealing. It is very fair and true to say that StormCraft Studios slot players will always have their own personal favourite that they feel is much a better one to play than others, but overall they are all great playing slot machines!

Are demo mode versions of StormCraft Studios slots available?

Many online slot players worry that if and when they play online slot machines for free initially and they find them to be great paying and possibly high paying slots when they then switch over to playing them for real money the slots will pay-out lower amounts and have lower RTP’s. The StormCraft Studios slot games however play and pay the same way no matter whether you play them for free or for real money!

Are there lots of new StormCraft Studios slot machines?

If there is one thing that you will find about StormCraft Studios it is that they do tend to launch brand new slot games very frequently, and the themes of all new slots are different, and they do of course offer players lots of different base game and bonus game features too. To allow you to see if you like playing them you can always play new StormCraft Studios slots for free before playing them for real.

Can I trigger pick and win bonus games on StormCraft Studios slots?

As for the types and varieties of bonus games and bonus features that will always be waiting to be triggered as you set about playing StormCraft Studios slots, be aware many of their slots have free spins bonus games and also there will be plenty of pick and match bonus games. In fact, do give some of their pick and win bonus game awarding slots as try and you could win big when playing any of them online!

Can random jackpots be won on StormCraft Studios slots?

It all will depend on just which StormCraft Studios slot games you choose to play as to whether you are going to have the chance of winning a random jackpot, for there are plenty of progressive slots some of which have been designed to award their jackpots completely at random. But always check the slot game pay tables to see how each jackpot can and will be won!

When is the best time to play StormCraft Studios slots?

It so certainly a myth that you are going to have a much better chance of winning and winning big when you choose to play StormCraft Studios slots at the weekend, for there is not good or bad time to play their slots! I say that as each of their many different categories of slots have all been designed with completely random outcomes, so you could win at any time and on any spin too!

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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