Another of the much more recently launched companies that are now supplying a huge range of slot games to many online and mobile casino sites is Thunderkick. So impressed have I and many other slot players been with their range of slots I decided to compile the following guide. It was in 2012 that Thunderkick went live and what they do obviously have is a very true passion for designing some of the most graphically enhanced slot games you are ever going to be able to play online. Not only do each of their slots offering amazing graphics and animations, but the sound effects do add another level of excitement to their slots, and as such you are certainly going to find them highly enveloping slots if you do decide to give them any amount of play time! There are of course bonus features and bonus games that you can trigger when playing their range of slots, and with some high pay-out percentages and huge jackpots on offer, I do think you are very quickly going to fancy the idea of playing their range of slots for real money, once you have of course read through the following guide and have given some of their free play slots a whirl too!

Play Thunderkick Slots for Free

Below you are going to be able to pick any of our featured demo mode Thunderkick slots and play them for as long as you like without having to spend a penny. Therefore do try and play as many of them as you can do as you are going to love their unique playing structures, their bonus games and their very high pay-outs too!
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About Thunderkick Slots

It doesn’t matter which slot game designers range of slots you do end up playing, you are going to love the way that some of their games play and pay, but when it comes to Thunderkick slots, there are some that have become very popular and do get plenty of regular play time from slot players.

Take for example their Toki Time slot, whilst it doesn’t look like anything special, as soon as you do start to play it, thanks to its slot game variance you will find the winning spins do start to spin your way and it can be a high paying slot too.

I do have to say I enjoy playing the Barber Shop slot for it does have some excellent sound effects and animations that do bring the slot to life, and it does of course have some regularly triggering base game and bonus game features too.

The Rift slot the is one of the much newer slots that have appeared online from Thunderkick, and that is another fun to play slot which comes with several option settings which allow players to tailor their own unique type of slot playing sessions!

Thunderkick Slot RTP’s

I like to give readers of each of my slot designers range of guides the exact information they are seeking, and any savvy and experienced slot player will know every single slot can and often does have a different long term expected pay-out percentages.

It is therefore always going to be the slots that do have the very highest pay-out percentages that players are going to want to play time and time again, and as such the very first Thunderkick slot that you should play is the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot thanks to its 98.60% pay-out percentage!

Moving onto another of their must play slots that does come with a much higher than average RTP that slot game is the Magicious slot and with its mega RTP of 97.60% you should always get some very long and enjoyable slot playing sessions when you do play it!

I think that you should also be adding onto your list of Thunderkick slots to play sooner rather than later the Bork the Berzerker slot as you will soon get totally enveloped with its theme and playing format and will really appreciate the fact that its pay-out percentage has been set at 97.30%.

Stakes and Prizes and Bonus Games

Never let it be said that you will not be able to afford to play Thunderkick designed slot games, for each of them have been designed in such a way you can play them for free, or play them for some fairly low and modest stake amounts.

Their slots do have some high rolling staking option too, and come with bonus base game features such as expanding wild symbols and more than enough bonus games can be triggered on them too, all of which do give you the chance of winning big when they have been triggered and awarded to you!

Thunderkick Slot Playing Environments

I would urge you to check out and play at any of the casino sites that you see listed upon this website, for those sites are going to give you access to both instant play online slots from this slot game designer and also a range of their mobile slot games too.

Plus, as there are plenty of bonus waiting to be claimed and as comps are also going to be awarded to you when you set about playing Thunderkick slots for real money, you are always going to be locking in the maximum slot playing value when playing at those online and mobile casino sites too!

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope I have given you a very deep insight into all of the Thunderkick slots and what they are going to be offering you as a player. Just in case you do have any extra and additional questions below I will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions by first time players of Thunderkick slots.

Can I play Thunderkick slots in a tournament fashion?

I have some good news for you if you enjoy playing slot tournaments online or entering lots of different slot race promotions, and that is that Thunderkick slot games are often the ones used as the base slots on  them, so you will have the chance of winning big when entering them. But always do read the rules as they can and do change from casino site to casino site.

Can I play Thunderkick slots using auto play?

Sometimes you may feel like taking things nice and easy when playing Thunderkick slots online, and when that day comes you will have the option of setting any of their slots to play automatically. To be in a position to do so you will need to click onto the auto play settings of the Thunderkick slot you are playing and chose the stakes and the number of spins you want the slot to play off for you.

Is there a good or bad time to play Thunderkick slots?

It so certainly a myth that you are going to have a much better chance of winning and winning big when you choose to play Thunderkick slots at the weekend, for there is not good or bad time to play their slots! I say that as each of their many different categories of slots have all been designed with completely random outcomes, so you could win at any time and on any spin too!

Are Thunderkick slots reliable ones to play?

As long as you have invested in a fairly modern day mobile phone or any modern day type of computer, tablet device or laptop then you will not experience any types of problems when playing Thunderkick slot games. However to ensure you do not see the slot games lagging or crashing do make sure you have a very stable and reliable connection to the internet!

How do I find the RTP’s of Thunderkick slot games?

The pay-out percentage information on all Thunderkick slot machines can be found in one of several different places, often that information will be on the pay tables of each individual Thunderkick slot game, or you will find it on the websites of the casino sites you are playing at, or it could also be on the help files that you will find attached to each of their slot games too.

Are penny slot versions of Thunderkick slot machines available?

Thunderkick slot games have been designed to be played for a range of different staking options; however they are going to be very affordable slots to play no matter what your slot playing bankroll. In fact, the lowest coin setting available on each of their many different slot machines is just one penny or one cent, so they are suitable for low stake players and high stake players like.

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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