Learn How to Play and Win When Playing Pick and Match Bonus Game Slots Online

Every single slot player will find themselves being drawn towards playing a certain type of slot game, and for most players any slot offering a bonus game are going o be the ones they will enjoy playing the most.

However, it will not escape your notice if you decide to start playing online or mobile slot games that Pick and Matchthere can be and is a huge range of different bonus games that can be triggered and warded to you when playing casino slot games, on any of the many thousands of different video slots available.

Making sense of how each slot games bonus games and any additional built in bonus features can and will work and operate can be time consuming, for there are some highly unusual bonus games now attached to certain slot games!

One type of slot game that will never tax your brain is a Pick and Match type of bonus game feature round, for once trigger you will then simply have to select some of the symbols or positions located on the bonus game screen, and each one you select will then reveal a cash amount, a bonus game or even an additional bonus feature or progressive jackpot symbol.

The aim of a Pick and Match bonus game however is for you to reveal a set of matching symbols, coin value or bonus game or bonus features as by doing so you will then be awarded with the respective one! Read on for details of what type of Pick and Match bonus games are on offer and how to play any slot offering such a feature round optimally and strategically.

Different Types of Pick and Match Bonus Games

Three main types of pick and match bonus game scan be triggered on the vast majority of bonus game awarding video slots, and to give you some ideas or how diverse and how entertaining and exciting those bonus games can be we have an overview of those types of bonus feature rounds below.

Cash Paying Bonus Game – The most readily available pick and match bonus games attached to hundreds of different slot games are those on which as you are making your selections from the bonus screen you are going to reveal coin values or multiplier values.

Once you have a matching set of coin values then that is the winning payout you will be awarded with, however when playing a slot which reveals multiplier values then when a matching set of multiplier symbols are revealed that multiplier is usually multiplied by the stake you wagered on the bonus game triggering spin and awarded to you as your bonus game winning payout.

Progressive Jackpots Bonus – You could also win a huge and potentially life changing jackpot payout when playing any pick and match bonus game awarding slots. When playing these types of slot games there are often several different progressive jackpots attached to them.

The aim will be for you to reveal a matching set of the very highest valued progressive jackpot logos or symbols a you are making your selections from the bonus game screen. One thing to note about this type of bonus game is that you are usually going to be guaranteed to winning one of the progressive jackpots displayed on the slot game screen when the pick and match bonus game is triggered.

Additional Bonus Games – There are also some slot games which when they have awarded you with a pick and match bonus game are not going to award you with cash payouts or a progressive jackpot, instead you will win an additional bonus game depending on what types of symbols you reveal as you are making your selections from the bonus game screen.

Some slots offering a pick and match type of feature round will give you set numbers of free spins and multipliers as you are picking off locations from the bonus game screen and once you match a set number of the same free spin amounts and multiplier values then those are the free spins you get to play off with the respective multiplier in live play for the duration of that additional free spins round.

Pick and match bonus game awarding slots are going to be found in many online casino sites, and as such you will always have plenty of different types of those slot games available to you. Some of the very best Pick and match bonus game awarding slot games you can play online are those that have been designed by Aristocrat Gaming and some of our top rated featured casino sites have their range of games on offer, so have a look round and give those slot games a much play time as you can do!

Watch and Learn How to Pick and Match Slots

Pick and Match bonus game awarding slot games have been firm favourites with slot players for many years now, and one of the main advantages of choosing to play at our featured online casino sites is that when you play them for real money you will be earning comp points as you play.

Playing slots with any type of pick and match bonus game slots will not take you too long to master, however above is one such slot game being played and as such please do watch that video as by doing so you will see just how great playing and how high paying these slots can be when you give them your best shot for real money.

The best way that you will be able to judge for yourself whether you will enjoy playing slot games with a pick and match bonus game feature round is to test them out for free so try and do that sooner rather than later!

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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