You are always going to be tempted to sign up to any online casino and give some of the slot games available at such places a try, in fact when you do so you are going to come across often hundreds if not thousands of different casino slot games to play!

However, as a player you really should try and decide just what types of casino slot you wish to play, and that will usually be based on just how much cash you have available in your slot playing bankroll.

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One thing you should never do is to start playing casino slots of any description for stake levels that are too high for your bankroll to sustain over any given time period. With that in mind what we usually advise slot players to do is to make a list of the slots that they enjoy playing the most and then pick a stake levels to player each slot which will allow them to get at least 100 spins when playing each slot.

By configuring the staking options in that way then on each slot you play you will have a good chance of triggering any bonus games and bonus features attached to the casino slot you have chosen to play when you do play off 100 base game spins.

In regards to the types of slot games you will find offered in an online casino, well they are very diverse in fact when you also play casino slots online or at one of the new mobile casino sites you will also find those sites also have a huge number of different slots available to you.

If you want to play slots that will give you a fair amount of play time for your money then opt to play the low variance casino slot games for by playing those slots they have been designed to award lots of low valued winning payouts, and that will allow you to get more winning spins and therefore more play time from your gaming bankroll.

However if you are the type of player who doesn’t mind some risk when playing casino slots then head on over to play the high variance slots, when you play those types of slot games you are going to find they can and will occasionally award some very high valued winning payouts to you, but there are risks involved in playing those slots as you could lose quite quickly!

You will also find that there are three reel casino slots and video reel casino slots available at all casino sites. The three reel slots tend to be some of the more basic slot games you can play as there tends to be no form of bonus games or bonus features on three reel slots, and as such they are rapid fire type slots on which you can play off a lot of spins in a very short space of time.

If however you would like something of an action packed type of slot playing experience then the best slot game you can sit down to play are the video slot games. When playing those types of casino slots you will find they offer a huge number of payline and lots of different staking options to.

However video slot games do tend to award all manner of unique and very exciting and entertaining bonus games and bonus features so when playing them you get a much more rounded slot playing experience.

One final type of casino slot game you can play are those which have a progressive jackpot attached to them, however always do make sure that when playing progressive jackpot awarding casino slot you always play them in the way described on the pay table which ensures the progressive jackpots are always in play and activated when you play them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all casino slots random?

If you play slot games in any of our featured casinos then you are always going to be 100% confident every single game you access and play will be both fair and random, and every single outcome on those slot games will be down to chance and luck.

With that in mind you should play as many different slots as you can when visiting an online casino for example all of the casino slots are certified and overseen by an Online Gambling Commission who ensure they are always fair and true games and offer players the fairest chances of winning.

Who designs online casino slots?

There are a huge number of companies who design, manufacture and then supply casinos with their range of slot games and each slot game designer will have plenty of new slot games always in the pipeline.

If you do want to play some of the most popular casino slots of all time then you need to take a look at Microgaming slot games, or slots that have been designed and supplied by companies such as NetEnt and Real Time Gaming and there will certainly be plenty of slot machines to pick and choose form when you do check any of them out!

Which casino slots get the most action from players?

Whilst there have been some very unique slot game designed over the years which have acquired their own unique cult like status with players, some of the most played slot machines these days are slot which have a major celebrity as the theme of those slots.

Those celebrities can be film stars, TV show celebrities or even people you know from a pop or rock group. Take a look at the Jimi Hendrix slot which is a new fully themed casino slot which a lot of players are playing currently!