Online Slot Game Categories

There are several different categories that all online slot games can fall into, and with this in mind below we will enlighten you on what each category of slot game has to offer you as player. Picking a slot game to play which is appealing to you is important for you will never want to play a slot you either find boring to play or one that is way too confusing!

One or more of the listed categories of slot games found online will appeal to you if of course playing slots is something you are either interested in doing or regularly do, and if you do wish to give any slot type listed below a try then please do checkout our Online Slot Game Designers and Gaming Platforms section of the website as it will enlighten you on where you are able to play any type of slot game online.

Classic and Three Reel Slots

Let us start by introducing you to the most basic type of online slot games, these are known as the Classic or Three Reel slots, and the design of these types of slots ensure that anyone seeking a very easy to play slot game which will give them a very laid back and relaxed type of slot playing session is going to be able to do just that.

You will find that when playing Classic slots they offer you just one single payline that can be sent into play and will have three reels, however, occasionally some of these slots will give you the option of playing more than one coin per spin and can reward players who are playing the maximum number of coins per spin with an enhanced jackpot.

Three Reel slots are as the name implies slots which offer three reels but when playing these slots you will be given the option of playing more than one payline per spin. You will find the vast majority of Three Reel slots offer you three or five optional paylines, and it is worth checking the pay tables attached to these types of games for there is often an enhanced jackpot payout which can be won on the higher numbered paylines.

Video Slot Games

The most played online slot games are those which have been designed as Video Slots, these games generally come with 5 reels, however what makes then different from most other slots is that they can offer a plethora of different paylines which can be put into play, you will find a diverse range of payline options on video slots, some can offer just 5 optional paylines whilst some video slots let you play thousands of paylines on each spin set into motion!

The main attraction of playing Video Slots online is that you can trigger one or more main bonus type feature rounds when playing them, the number of base game spins you need to play before these bonus games trigger can on average vary, but usually every 100 to 150 base game spins you play you will find you will trigger one of the available bonus game features.

It is these bonus game features which are what Video Slot players are aiming to trigger and they can awarded sets of free spins, pick to win or pick and match type bonus games which can and do award some large winning payouts.

Should these types of slots sound appealing then do have a look over our guide to Slot Game Bonus Rounds and Bonus Features for that is where you will find in much more detail just what types of bonus games can be triggered when playing these types of slot games online.

Progressive Slot Games

When you are playing all of the above categories of slot games you will come across some slots which are designed as progressive slot games. These types of slots all have a jackpot payout that is linked to other slots of the same name, and every time a player plays one of them a small amount of their stake money is fed into the central jackpot pool.

These progressive jackpots keep on growing until someone wins one of them and when they do the jackpot is paid out to that player and the jackpot is then reset to its seed value and slowly starts to grow again in value when more and more players play that slot game.

It is worth pointing out that some progressive slots have a jackpot that can only be won when a player puts into play all of the paylines offered on that slot or plays with the slot on maximum bet valued spins.

But you will also come across some slot games which award their progressive jackpots completely at random, and these are the most popular types of jackpot slots due to any player playing that slot for any stake level or any number of paylines having a chance of being awarded the progressive jackpot.

Fruit Machines

One category of online slot game that will possibly take you a little while to get to grips with the way they work and operate are the Fruit Machines. These slot games come with usually a three reel playing structure, but they differ from all other slots in as much as they have been designed to award players with very regularly awarded bonus game features.

Fruit Machines are designed on the Amusement with Prizes slot games found in the UK, and these slots were originally launched to give players a much more entertaining type of slot playing style and one which can occasionally give them some large winning payouts.

The idea behind these types of gaming machines is that they are placed in Pubs and Clubs and licensed premises and someone could play them to pass a bit of time whilst keeping themselves amused, however they have proved to be very popular with online slot players as you do get much longer playing sessions on them, and being low stake games you will not find them draining away your slot playing budget too quickly!

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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