Playing Online Slot Games Optimally

If you ask a room full of slot players how they prefer to play slot games you will probably find many of them have their own unique ways of playing, some will simply play slot games for low stake levels and hope for the best, some will insist on playing for maximum bet spins, whilst some may put into play a bizarre playing strategy and could for example play one low stake spin followed by a maximum bet spin repeatedly throughout their session.

You have probably seen some land based slot players rubbing the reel glass or screen of the slot for luck and some players will opt to play a bank of slot games all at the same time in the hope that at least one of those slots pays out something substantial!

However when it comes to playing online slot games optimally there are several unique aspects of playing slots in such a way that you increase your chances of winning, and in this section of our website we are going to introduce you to the ways you can significantly increase your winning chances when playing online slot games, so do read through the following guide carefully and pay attention to what we are going to tell you!

Picking the Type of Slot Game to Play

With there being many thousands of different types of slot games available to play online it is often the case that a slot player will simply play a slot they like the look of, and this can often spell disaster in regards to their chances of ending a slot playing session in profit or at the very least playing a slot that offers them an increased chance of winning!

There is only one factor to take into account when you choose to play slot games online optimally and that is to pick the slot games that have only the very highest payout percentages attached to them. Playing an online slot game which has a payout percentage of 90% will guarantee that over the long term you are going to lose much more and more quickly than you would when playing a slot offering a 98% payout percentage!

For a better understanding of slot game payout percentages please do checkout our Slot Game Payout Percentages Explained guide which will enlighten you on everything there is to know about payout percentages attached to slot games!

Choosing a Stake Level at Which to Play

Often one of the hardest decisions you will have to make when playing online slot games is what stakes to set each spin of the reels you set into motion with, as many slots offer multiple paylines, different coin value options and with many slots now letting you play more than one coin per payline you may often find yourself just hitting the maximum bet spin button and hoping for the best!

However, when you launch any slot game from the game menu then you should first study the pay table attached to that slot game, for many slots will offer an enhanced and boosted set of payouts when you opt to play the slot with maximum lines in play or if you opt to play that slot with the maximum number of coins in play on each payline.

If you discover the slot game you have opted to play does award enhanced winning payouts for maximum line or bet spins, then your stake per spin should be a sensible one and one that will allow you to get a fair number of spins from your slot playing budget.

Should a slot offer a bonus type game you will often find these types of slots award that bonus game once every 100 to 150 base game spins, and as such make sure that you adjust the stake levels on that slot to allow you to play all of the paylines but also get an absolute minimum of 150 spins from your slot playing budget.

So for example if you have 75.00 to play with and you are playing a video slot which offers a bonus type feature divide your 75.00 up into 150 chunks and use that at the stake levels at which you play each spin, which for reference would be 0.50 per spin, you will have to play maximum lines to ensure the maximum winning opportunities on both the base and bonus games and as such you will have to adjust the coin values accordingly so that 0.50 spin is activating all of the paylines.

Knowing When to Stop Playing

The most critical part of any online slot playing strategy or system is to be able to spot when the time is right for you to end your current session and this is not necessarily going to be when you have locked in a profit!

You are going to experience both losing sessions and winning sessions when playing online slots and having the will power to end any one session at the right time is going to see you limiting your losses when things are not going your way and conversely locking in a winning profit when the reels are spinning your way!

The key to knowing when to stop playing is going to be dependent on a couple of factors, the first is your actual gaming budget that you have allocated to any one single slot playing session. If you have a gambling budget of let us say 200.00 set aside to play slots with then set yourself a sensible winning goal figure and also set yourself a maximum losing limit.

One of the most sensible slot playing strategies is to try and increase your gaming budget by 50%, and as such in our example of a bankroll of 200.00 then look to increase it by 100.00 in total and stop playing if and when you reach a figure of 300.00.

Your losing limit should never be more than 50% of your available bankroll and as such stop playing and end that session if you have experienced a losing sequence of slot spins and your bankroll has dwindled away to 50.00 in total.

The winning goals and losing limits may seem rather modest, but if you do put them into place you will be amazed at the number of times when playing you reach that winning goal and have made a profit, whilst when things do not go your way by leaving that slot session with half of your starting bankroll you will not have lost everything, which sadly a huge number of slot players end up doing!

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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