When you are studying the pay tables or help files attached to most online slot games you will come across something known as the RTP, this means Return to Player and it is simply a way of showing players of any slot game how much of their stake money, over the long term, they can expect to win back from any online slot machine.

The RTP’s or as they are more commonly known payout percentages of any online slot game can vary in size, however quite a number of players do not fully understand what payout percentages are or how to distinguish a high one from a low one, or even what relevance they have when choosing which slot games to play online.

As such we have chosen to put together a definitive guide below which is going to explain to you all there is to known about slot game payout percentages and RTP’s. Have a good look through this guide for by doing so you will also find out how to work out just how much any recently played slot playing session has paid back to you and as such it will show you how you can work out your actual payout percentages awarded during any session played online.

You will find that the payout percentage of any slot game is going to be displayed as a figure, for example you may see a slot game available online boasting a listed payout percentage of 96.00%. This means that the slot game is going to return to players 96.00 in winnings for every 100.00 they have wagered on that slot game.

It should be pointed out however, that you are not going to be guaranteed of getting 96.00 back for every 100.00 played through that slot machine, for due to the design of the slot the payout percentage is a long term and expected figure, and the actual payout percentage per individual playing session you play on that slot game is going to vary greatly.

You could play one session on that slot and get just 10.00 back from 100.00 wagered or conversely you could play through 20.00 in credits and win 200.00, however over the long term operation of that one slot game it should pay back the expected payout percentage.

As each online slot game is controlled via a random number generator this ensures you will never know in advance just how much you will win or lose when playing any online slot game, but the payout percentage any slot has listed is what that slot will pay back once on full cycle of games have been played on it, and that cycle could be hundreds of thousands or even millions of spins long!

Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages

The one thing to keep in mind is that the higher the payout percentage a slot game has attached to it the more playable that slot game will be from a players point of view.

You will find slot games available in land based venues can offer very low payout percentages often as low as 70 to 80 percent, however when playing online you will generally find these types of slots boasting payout percentages of around the 94 to 96 percent range, however by spending some time researching the payout percentages attached to some online slot games you will find some slots with payout percentages as high as 98 and 99 percent!

The one most important factor therefore of any slot game found online is not whether that slot game has a nice looking theme or whether the bonus game that can be triggered and awarded on that slot is exciting or unique, it is the actual payout percentage on offer, for the higher it is the more chances you will have of winning more regularly when playing that slot!

So for the ultimate slot playing experience, do insist on playing the slots whose payout percentages are in the higher regions and never play those lower paying slots, for you will soon discover your gaming budget being swallowed up more quickly if you do make the mistake of playing a lower paying slot online!

Working Out Individual Slot Game Session RTP’s

As we have mentioned above, when you play slots online the long term expected payout percentage that a slot game has been designed to payout is not necessarily going to be the one you get when playing any one individual slot playing session!

You will be able to work out just what payout percentage you have achieved when playing slots online, and this is not as complicated or as hard to do as you may have thought it was, and as such anyone will be able to work out their individual payout percentage achieved on any slot playing session once they have two sets of figures at their disposal.

You simply need to know just how much you have played through any slot game in stakes on any one single session and also know the exact amount of cash you won during that session then with a simple mathematical equation you will get that session’s payout percentage.

So by making a note of every paid for spin on the reels you played and knowing exactly how much you won during that session if you divide the winnings by the stakes you will arrive at the payout percentage for that session.

Let us give you a couple of examples so you understand fully how to work out your payout percentages achieved on any slot playing session. Let us say that you staked and wagered 287.00 on any one slot game, and that slot paid out in winnings 234.00 for that session.

Simply divide the winnings (234.00) by the stakes (287.00) and the figure you will arrive at is 0.8153310, as the figure begins with a zero get rid of that zero and the decimal point and any figures after the first two digits after the decimal point and you are left with 81, which is the payout percentage you achieved during that playing session so you got a RTP of 81%.

You can often get a payout percentage of over 100% when playing any individual slot playing session which does of course mean you ended up in profit during that session, and an example of such a session and how to work out the payout percentage achieved on that session is described below.

For example if you staked 140.00 on any one slot game and achieved 256.00 in winning payouts during that session then by dividing the winnings (256.00) by the stakes (140.00) you get the answer 1.8285714, as the first digit is higher than zero in this instance you simply remove the decimal point and keep the two numbers after the decimal point which leaves you with 182 and as such your payout percentage for that winning session was 182%.