9 Reel Slots

What are 9 Reel Slots

Slots are a crowd favorite when it comes to both online casino games and land – based casino games. Traditionally, some of the most common types of slots are 3 Reel slots and 5 Reel slots. However, slots with a higher number of reels such as 9 Reel slots have become increasingly popular because they offer several more winning combinations than traditional slots.

9 Reel slots are, by definition, any slot which has 9 Reels (3*3). Reels are basically the vertical rows in a slot that spin and have symbols or images on them.

Play 9 Reel Slots for Free

How to Play 9 Reel Slots

Most 9 Reel slots are video slots with good themes and graphics. Irrespective of how many reels a slot has, the way you play remains more or less the same. What you need to do is basically spin the reels and if the reels end up in a position where the symbols make for a winning combination, then you win. To spin the reel, you will have to either click on the spin button or pull down on the virtual lever depending on which slot exactly you are playing.

Furthermore, most 9 Reel slots also allow you to choose your bet size. This means you can choose the dollar amount you want to bet on each spin. Some

9 Reel slots also have an auto spin feature where you can set the bet amount, and the number of spins before hitting go and sitting back to watch the action unfold.

Some of the best 9 Reel slots Available

Even though 9 Reel slots are not as common as their traditional 3 Reel and 5 Reel counterparts, there is by no means any shortage of them either. There are plenty of awesome 9 Reel slots developed by reliable and trustworthy online casino software developers. Let us take a look at some of the best 9 Reel slots and who the developers of these slots are.

  • Ultimate Fighters – 9 Reel Slot from Playtech
  • Crazy Sports – 9 Reel Slot from NetEnt
  • Wheeler Dealer – 9 Reel Slot from Win A Day
  • Sparta – 9 Reel Slot from Novomatic
  • Nine Reels Titan– 9 Reel Slot from Digital Gaming Solutions
  • Super Nudge 6000 – 9 Reel Slot from NetEnt

Best and Worst features of 9 Reel Slots

One of the main reasons people seem to love 9 Reel Slots is because of the many features it has. Here are some of the pros and cons of 9 – Reel Slots and their features


  • 9 Reel slots offer plenty more possible winning combinations than 3 and 5 Reel Slots
  • Most 9 Reel Slots are video slots with amazing graphics and theming
  • Some 9 Reel Slots are also progressive jackpots where the winnings can be really life changing


  • It can be a little confusing for beginners

Playing 9 Reel slots Smartly

Playing 9 Reel slots offers multiple chances of winning. However, the most dominating factor in the equation at the end of the day which determines whether you will win or lose is luck. Having said that, there are still somethings you can do to make sure you play in a way which gives you the highest odds of winning.

First things first, knowing the slot, the rules and the different features and bonuses of a slot machine always comes in handy and is much better than spinning blindly and hoping to win. The more you know the more you are in control.

Even if you happen to lose, just knowledge of the slot and its features and different symbols will help you at least minimize the losses. Therefore, the smart way to play would be to first understand the slot holistically.

9 Reel Slots FAQs

Do 9 Reel Slots have 9 vertical rows?

Not necessarily, in fact most 9 Reel slots have three sets of three vertical rows and these sets are lined up next to each other. When you first look at such a slot, you may think there are only three reels.

What are some of the best software providers for 9 Reel Slots?

There are several high – quality casino software providers. However, brands like Microgaming and NetEnt are pioneers and leaders in the industry.

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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