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Best Casinos to Play Avatar Slot for Real Money :

Wild Casino
18+, (T&C apply)

100% up to $5000

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Sloto Cash Casino
18+, (T&C apply)


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18+, (T&C apply)

300% up to $500

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Sun Palace Casino
18+, (T&C apply)

150% up to  10,000

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James Cameron appears to have got the gaming bug, for not only has he released the rights for the Titanic Slot, he’s also released the rights for Avatar, 2 of the biggest money making films of all time. The slot is spread over 5 reels and has 25 pay lines.

You’ll find an array of features, however, unlike the Titanic slot this is quite a high variance slot. However, similar to the mechanism to the Titanic slot, it comes with hidden features, free spins and plenty of playability thanks to the adjustable wagers.

You also have a brand new innovative feature which allows you to level up and track your progress while unlocking new game features, similar to how an online slot works when you log in. However, Avatar will print you 2 tickets when you cash out. 1 for you cash amount, and another that will tell the game where you are the next time you insert it in to the cash slot.

There is also something called an Arrow Boost multiplier, and this will multiply any winning combination you make with that spin. So although this is a high variance slot, you’ll find even on low stakes it can pay out a handsome amount.

The game has its own individual cabinet, and as such it’s not a progressive, however the huge array of features is bound to please even the pickiest of players. If you’re a lover of audio quality, the game features clips from the OST which is sure to please.

Playing the Avatar Slot

You will not be able to miss the Avatar Slot when you are wandering around the gaming floor of any casino that has it on its gaming floor for one thing that does stand out about this slot is its very unique looking and quite sticking cabinet!

However, when you do decide to give this brand spanking new video slot machine any amount of play time there are a whole host of unique features and bonus games that may just be awarded to you with some luck in playing, and the above video will show you just how those bonus games can be triggered and what you will be playing of when they are so do watch it!

Frequently Asked Avatar Slot Questions

Having seen the film Avatar we decided to give the Avatar slot a fair amount of play time on a recent visit to Las Vegas and what we did found is that no expense has been spared to make this one of the most bonus game packed and exciting slot games to play, so do make sure that you do also give it some play time too. Below are a few questions and the answers to those questions that you may have about this brand new slot machine.

Can I get lots of play time from the Avatar Slot?

What you should be looking to get from any slot machine you play no matter in which land based casino you choose to play it in is a lot of play time from your bankroll and that is often going to be achievable only when you play low to medium variance slots machines.

With that in mind and having put the Avatar slot through its paces many times and having given it plenty of spins we think it is a slot you will enjoy playing as it certainly fall into the low to medium variance range and will be  slot you can rely on to give you plenty of fun and entertainment!

Where Can I Play the Avatar Slot in Las Vegas?

If you would like to play the Avatar slot for real money in a land based casino when you are visiting Las Vegas, then there are of course lots of casinos that do have this slot game on offer. The Mirage Casino would be a great venue in which to play this slot and that casino is located at 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South. This casino for reference is owned by MGM Resorts International.

Remember, that by playing this slot for real money you will earn comp points if you join up to the casino comp club, and if you do make sure you always insert your card into the comp card slot so your comp points will be added to you comp club account.

The Avatar Slot has it got a high RTP?

All slot games that are fairly ne to any land based casinos gaming floor do tend to be configured with high payout percentages but just always keep in mind it will be the casino at which you do decide to get stuck into playing the Avatar Slot that will ultimately decide the long term payout percentage of the slot games they have on offer!

Who Designed the Avatar Slot?

When you do decide to play the Avatar slot you are going to find it a great slot to play, however keep in mind that the company that designed and launched the Avatar slot is International Game Technology and as such you are going to find it comes with lots of settings in regards to not only the stake levels that you can play it for but also audio settings too, so make sure you play this slot with the volume set as loud as you can do to enhance your gaming session!

Can I play around with the stakes on the Avatar Slot?

You do have the ability of playing the Avatar Slot for many different stake amounts however being a fixed line slot you do have to put every way to win in play when playing of every single base game spins so you cannot play it for one single penny per spin!

Doug Holmes

Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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