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Best Casinos to Play Wyland Slot for Real Money :

Wild Casino
18+, (T&C apply)

100% up to $5000

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Sloto Cash Casino
18+, (T&C apply)


Play Read Review
18+, (T&C apply)

300% up to $500

Play Read Review
Sun Palace Casino
18+, (T&C apply)

150% up to  10,000

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Now this is a slot to play with a friend. This is a dual banked slot, meaning that both players help each other out. The game has lots paylines spread over its reels and also has a massive array of bonus features including a wheel of fortune type bonus.

The graphics are supplied by world renowned artist and award winning artist Wyland and to make things even better, the game is ethical, raising $60 million for good causes while also providing you, the player with an enjoyable game.

Wyland Slot machine

The cabinet comes with a very comfortable chair and surround sound so you can really become part of the game while also offering an above average return to player payout percentage, meaning you’ll get a lot of play time for your money. The maximum bet is 300 credits, making this a mid rolling slot however if you wish to play for lower stakes the minimum bet is 60 credits.

If you’re eligible, you could also share bonuses with your neighbour. This truly is a world first slot machine, and we are sure that you will love every second you play it.

Knowing that the game is also taking social responsibility raising money for the California Coastal Commission education programs and outreach program, is also a great thing to know so you need not feel guilty for playing it, for you fun is helping to fund a very important wild life project. Fun for Funds so to speak! So if you see this slot on the casino floor, make sure to give it a go.

Playing the Wyland Slot

You often will see some slot machines available in various different land based casinos in Las Vegas and think they are not going to be that exciting to play, however one slot that is always going to be worth looking at and playing is the brand new Wyland Slot.

Always do consider playing this new slot machine when you see it available at any land based casino venue you are visiting, for whilst it may immediately strike you as an exciting slot to play, when you do play it and trigger the bonus games, which you see being trigger in the video above you really will find it a very exciting slot to play!

Frequently Asked Wyland Slot Questions

There are lots of ways that you could spin in a winning combination when playing the brand new Wyland slot for with lots of pay lines on offer you could spin in a large valued payout from the base game or could trigger the very exciting bonus game too.

However, if you have a few more questions about this slot or you simply want to find out more about it then in the following section we have answered lots of questions about the way it plays and pays.

How high has the payout percentage been set on the Wyland Slot?

It is always going to be worth your time and effort taking a trek Downtown when you are in Las Vegas and fancy having lots of slot play time, for the slots such as the Wyland Slot that are available in that part of Las Vegas do tend to always come with the very highest payout percentages!

Who Designed the Wyland Slot?

When you do decide to play the Wyland slot you are going to find it a great slot to play, however keep in mind that the company that designed and launched the Wyland slot is International Game Technology and as such you are going to find it comes with lots of settings in regards to not only the stake levels that you can play it for but also audio settings too, so make sure you play this slot with the volume set as loud as you can do to enhance your gaming session!

Where Can I Play the Wyland Slot in Las Vegas?

If you would like to play the Wyland Slot for real money in a land based casino when you are visiting Las Vegas, then there are of course lots of casinos that do have this slot game on offer. The Treasure Island (TI) Casino would be a great venue in which to play this slot and that casino is located at 3300 Las Vegas Boulevard South. This casino for reference is owned by Phil Ruffin.

Remember, that by playing this slot for real money you will earn comp points if you join up to the casino comp club, and if you do make sure you always insert your card into the comp card slot so your comp points will be added to you comp club account.

Are different stake levels on offer on the Wyland Slot?

The Wyland Slot is one of many different types of slots which can come with different coin denomination options, and as such it will be n the high limit slots area that you will find it can be played for high stake amounts.

What type of variance does the Wyland Slot offer?

It is the volatility or variance found on any slot game that is going to make that slot game an appealing slot to play for many players or a slot machine that many players will avoid playing, as low variance slots payout more regularly and high variance slot awarded fewer smaller payouts but can award some huge valued ones.

The Wyland slot game fits into the middle type of category for you will always get a fair spread of winning payouts when you play it as long as you do give it a fair amount of play time, so make sure that is something you do when playing it!

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Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots.

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